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When Helter Skelter Entered the History …

I do not think that when Paul McCartney wrote Helter Skelter ,it would enter the history in this way , in fact it may have entered the history as the earliest songs of heavy metal but the international fame the song would gain and would be associated with I believe no one has ever imagined it !! After all what is odd you will think a song of yours would inspire a criminal leading a pack of psychopaths to murder 11 innocent people !!??

Here is the song , not my favorite Beatles song for sure, also here is its lyrics

For those who do not know from 40 years ago a group of young girls and men on August 9th and 10th 1969 killed 11 people in an inhuman way if we can best described it by the order of Charles Manson. Charles ordered his so-called family members to murder those people in order to start a racial apocalyptical war inspired by a Beatles song !!!

They are the most infamous family in the modern history , how anyone could forget the Manson family and what they had done !!??  I recommend that you read the story of the Manson family at Crime Library.

The crime was not  about murder only , it was unique by all measures , it was the crime of the hippie age , it was the crime that made by the Flower children , those girls who killed those people came from the middle class America ,those victims represented different stories and backgrounds of their own ,a  group of strangers gathered in the most misfortunate way , in the most random way at least for the poor victims who did not have a clue that  would die in such horrible way by those hippies.

The crime to be honest may have not achieved all that media attention if Sharon Tate was not killed and the beach boy and Doris Day’s son involvement not to mention the circus of the trial itself. There are other serial killers in the American and the world history who killed more than the Manson family but may be because it was a mass crime , may be it was the time itself , summer of 1969 ; the civil right movement , the anger of minorities , the Vietnam war and the counter culture.

How could an ex-convict like Charles Manson have this power over all those people ?? Some of these women were actually university charle1 graduates !!?? The Manson girls escaped from their homes because they wanted freedom but they ended slaves to Manson for God sake. I understand that cult leaders have dangerous gift to convince people with crazy stuff just like Jim Jones. I understand that some of them if not all of them were looking for both love,freedom and faith but what they found

I know that Manson is  playing the role of the crazy leading a cult that had its own vision for the apocalypse in its own way !! The son of jails whom hated the society so much and found an opportunity in the 1960s public anger or rather youth’s anger to build upon a small kingdom of his hate.

Some blame drugs  for the death but it is more than drugs , I believe Manson was a racist from inside who hated the fact that most of his life he was in jail where as others in the society were successful whether women or black or even celebs ; Sharon Tate was just the start in his so-celebs to be murdered list ; in fact she was the least celeb compared to people like Elizabeth Taylor , Richard Burton, Steve McQueen and Frank Sinatra. What happened in the house of Sharon Tate on that bloody day and later to the LaBiancas show a great hate in a way I do not understand it. He was not the only one I am afraid but also those followed his orders were no less complicated and shared the same feelings towards that society.

What happened to Tate and others was more than horrible. The Mansons are more than lucky that the death penalty in California because they deserved the death penalty for thousand times, they do not deserve to live and enjoy life even if it were in jail. And Yes Charles is as guilty as his followers  even if he did not participate in the murder.

Here is the photo of Charles Manson now in jail , he is 74 years old.

charles-manson now He drew an X  on his forehead during the trial which was like a media circus of its own time, imagine something like this happen today and how the media will react. By time it became a swastika

Also here is a very interview with Charles Manson in Fox by Geraldo Rivera in 1988, I do not like Fox but this was a good interview.He was not a crazy ,he was pretending to be crazy.

I watched over the past 2 weeks dozens of documentaries,interviews and newscasts about the Manson family , here are the best of them in the playlist which includes very rare footage and details.

I wonder what Charles Manson thinks of Barack Obama election as the president of the United State!!??

Vincent Bugliosi ,who became famous for prosecuting Manson and his family said in one of his various interviews that the Mason family crimes can happen again yet thank God it has not happened yet after 40 years , yes thank God.

By the way do you know that the Charles Manson family have its own conspiracy theories !!??

oh yes sir you bet ; there are two conspiracy theories to be specific. The most popular one is that the Charles Manson family was a part of the MKLUTRA experiment led by the CIA just like the Jim Jones conspiracy theory.

The other theory is much more darker by all means ; this time it is not about the CIA but rather Satanism and occults : Roman Polanski sacrificed his wife and their unborn baby after shooting his famous “Rosemary’s baby” in the same building where John Lennon years later would live and get killed ; the same John Lennon who was a member in the Beatles who presented to the whole world the While Album which contained Helter Skelter !!?? Crazy right !? Well do not be surprised but many people can’t find a good reason for these murders from 40 years because simply there is not a good reason why they were killed in this way .

Another thing some people in the world now think that Manson did not do nothing and he should be freed and Bugliosi was a bastard…etc , I want to tell them something imagine yourselves as the offspring of the LaBiancas or from the Tates or her guests’ families , imagine that and think again about this man.


  1. The delusions of one person is insanity,
    delusions by a few a cult,
    delusions by many a religion.

  2. I am always horrified by how mentality of people who act a crime work like this Charles Manson. The weird thing is his enfluence on other people which reminds me with what preachers do anywhere.

    Anyway I don't think a single song can do the whole thing but it may be the spark that ignite the already placed flame, which in this case the hate in his mind! Ya Sater, rabbena yehfazna!

  3. @anonymous, I think the definition of cult in modern times is far more than this generalization

    @Hicham, this is why preaching is a huge responsibility but if you look closer to the Manson family , this won't be preaching , I mean how they considered him as Jesus where as he was pimping the girls of his family to attract men !!
    the song just got more famous unfortunately in the saddest way ever, the song of course is not the reason ,already I wonder how Manson twisted the lyrics to fit his claims

  4. '...He drew an X on his forehead during the trial which was like a media circus of its own time, imagine something like this happen today and how the media will react. By time it became a swastika...'

    It's not a swastika as you are implying. Note the direction of the arms. What Manson has on his forehead is the Buddhist symbol of peace.

  5. Ahmed- Possibly what Charlie was thinking6/26/2011 06:13:00 PM

    So now it’s come to this. It’s always been getting to something anyway. What is life and why is it a series of perpetual novelties? Who are they? Did they really strategically kill life? (It used to be who killed life? Then, why did they kill life?). Or is it a natural change of trends that is becoming quicker every year. It no longer takes decades and centuries for drastic changes to occur. Drastic! By that proposition, it is unlikely that we will have time to anticipate the end of everything we know. Are we victims? Are we passive? How many randomized brains now ask their questions silently? Sophists and haters make so much noise. It’s hysterical.

  6. I think it was Manson's ties to the Esalen Institute and the Process Church that put the final touches of what went on during the murderous rampages that he ordered to his satanic cult.

  7. Look at the lyrics in Manson's songs. It speaks for itself. His expressions are coming from the ideology of the Process and Esalen thought.


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