Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Per Bjorklund To Be Deported

This is the sort of news I do not want to start my day with :(
Swedish journalist Per Bjorklund was detained in Cairo airport upon his arrival early today the 29th of September. Then he has been deported after hours of waiting in the Cairo airport.
Per was surprised to find his names among those blacklisted in the Cairo airport lists despite he was living and working in Egypt.
This is not the first time something like this happens in the Cairo airport recently , if you remember Travis Randall despite the differences in their circumstance.
Per was covering extensively the strikes movements in Egypt especially among the factories workers and I believe this may be the reason behind that strange and surprising decision to ban him from entering Egypt ; to keep our dirty laundry within !!
More about the deportation of Per from Arabawy. 
Update :
  • Per is still in Cairo airport, he will be deported next Thursday because of flights schedules. The Embassy of Sweden announced that the Egyptian State declared Per as Persona Non grate :(
  • The Embassy does not have more details on why he was detained and is going to be deported.
  • As an Egyptian blogger I apologize for treating Per like this , I believe there are some Egyptians in the ruling party who should be deported from Egypt not Per !! 

  • FYI today Wael Abbas was also in the airport in his way to London and he was received by the usual Egyptian security reception for bloggers, in the end he made it to his plane late , it is interesting because it was in the same time Per was detained !!

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