Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What if He Were a Normal man !!??

Roman Polanski has been arrested in Switzerland , a news that made headlines and also diplomatic crisis between the United States and France. Honestly Polanski managed to win over Mackenzie Philips' bombshells. Now France is attacking the decision of Switzerland as Polanski is a French citizen and Europe is standing by his side.
Hollywood is also standing by his side along with his fans.
Now may I wonder one thing : What if Mr. Roman Polanski were a normal person ?? A Polish immigrant who raped a 13 years old girls "OK 14 years old as he claimed in the trial" and fled the States to Europe to live for 30 years ?? What if he were not a director that presented films like Rosemary's baby, Chinatown and the Pianist !!??
I think things will be different ,people will think in a different way.
Some people will say that his victim ,that 13 years old girl who became a woman has dropped the charges , well may be because after feeling sick from that judicial system that did not give back her right , may be because she got sick from being blamed in Hollywood as the little girl who banned this film genius from entering the States !!
FYI there was a financial undisclosed settlement Polanski paid to this woman, already again I wonder if he were a poor ,what would happen !!??
The thing is not about this specific girl or woman now , any other girl could be in her shoe  , it is a matter of principle !!
I am also sick of hearing Polanski's Holocaust-Sharon Tate miseries whenever this thing is brought up , Hitler and Charles Manson did not tell him to rape a 13 years old girl for God sake !!

In the end what happened to Polanski is a lesson for everyone , justice will reach you in the end !! Even if he is not extradited , the news will remind people with what he had done. 
By the way I recommend you to read this post form before defending him.

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