Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Settlers Not Residents

Facebook and Golan made headlines in the past two weeks giving Syria officially another reason to block the popular social network in the country. The problem started after the Israeli rejection for Facebook policy that identified the residents of the Golan heights as Syrians living in Syria.

An Israeli group was formed in the Facebook demanding the social network to recognize the international recognized occupied heights as Israelis. In order to reach for a solution that suits everybody Facebook administration decided to give for the residents of the Golan two options for their nationalities : Syrian or Israeli. Accordingly the residents will be living in two countries Syria and Israel.That holding the stick from the middle solution was not good for Damascus and I understand their anger very well.

I believe Syria should not block Facebook on the contrary it should encourage the Syrians to form groups to prove the Syrian identity of Golan heights to the whole world in the same way the Israelis managed to force the Facebook administration to change their policy !! Why fear the confrontation if you know that you are right !!?? Seriously I am calling the Syrians abroad who have access to Facebook to form groups in English and other foreign languages to express the Syrian point of view and rights in Golan heights.

This reminds me with the dispute that had been in Wikipedia last June if you remember it.

By the way if the Israelis believe that the Golan heights is part of their country and their land why do they bury nuclear wastes in mount Hermon ?? Yes I do believe the Syrian and Egyptian press regarding this point . I wonder where is the Arab league and IAEA from this ??

If they are really residents of Golan they won’t do it but of course by the end of the day they are settlers.

Again I call the Syrians to go to the Facebook and defend their rights , let them try to restore Golan even if it is virtual restoration.


  1. They removed the muslim man, I think he was Egyptian, that was in charge of the IEAE since he didn't want to play ball and say the Iranians are building nuclear weapons.

    He didn't fall in line so he is gone. So Wake the Hell up and realize that most of these international watchdogs are controlled by the White Western Hegemony.

    There is no freedom of speech or privacy anymore. Or freedom of thought.
    Even arab cell phone providers are spying on their subscribers: http://www.arabianbusiness.com/562628

  2. Anon if you are talking about M. Baradi he decided not to run again after his current term ends. That does not negate the point you are making about Western pressure in IOs but in the end they are defending what they presume is their interests and we should do the same.
    Personally, I do not want any nuclear power in MENA at all, a lot of pressure and demands should be made by MENA countries against Israeli nuclear power to be forced to be put under inspection and supervision.

  3. @anonymous, the Muslim man has been there in charge of the agency for 12 years and he is the one who decided not to run
    He was not also supported by Egypt to run for this post officially
    Still it is true that he is currently under huge fire from his position.

    @anonymous#2, I agree with you

  4. They removed the muslim man, I think he was Egyptian, that was in charge of the IEAE since he didn't want to play ball and say the Iranians are building nuclear weapons.


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