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Friday, October 2, 2009

Breaking News : 120 Seconds

First of all Arabic channels have just aired the video of Shalit , those expensive 60 seconds that prove he is a live and fine not to mention healthy
I will work to post it here. Shalit looks fine in fact great unlike the Palestinian and Arab prisoners. Shalit’s message was recorded last September 14, 2009 as the newspaper he was holding showed the date.

Today earlier Israel has released 19 female prisoners for those important 60 seconds, very important 60 seconds which are recorded for sure.
I want to say something , this small deal is very important , yes most of those 19 female prisoners were going to be released sooner next year but the fact that for just 60 seconds , 19 prisoners were released after years of negotiations.

Israel did not win in this deal as much as both Hamas and Omar Soliman did and I say Omar Soliman because this is a bounce for his foreign policies political record.
Updates #1 
First of here is the video of Shalit from the Israeli TV , it is in Hebrew ,you can find the transcript of what he had said after the video

The transcript :
Hello, I am Gilad, son of Noam and Aviva Schalit, brother of Hadas and Yoel, who lives in Mitzpe Hila. My ID number is 300097029. As you see I am holding in my hands the Palestine newspaper of September 14, 2009, published in Gaza. I am reading the paper in order to find information regarding myself, hoping to find some information from which I would learn of my release and upcoming return home. I have been hoping and waiting for the day of me release for a long time. I hope the current government under Binyamin Netanyahu will not waste the chance to finalize a deal, and I will therefore be able to finally have my dream come true and be released. I wish to send regards to my family and say to them that I love and miss them and yearn for the day in which I would see them again. Dad, Yoel and Hadas, do you remember the day when you visited my base on the Golan Heights on December 31st, 2005, that if I am not mistaken was called Revaya B. We walked around the base and you took photos of me on the Merkava tank and on one of the old tanks at the entrance to the base. We then went to a restaurant in one of the Druze villages and on the way we took photos on the side of the road with the snow-covered Mount Hermon in the background. I wish to say to you that I feel good, health-wise, and the Mujahadeen of the Izzadien al-Qassam Brigades are treating me very well. Thank you and goodbye.
Here is the photo he referred to in the message

Now here are the names of the female prisoners:
 1-Ayat Kisi "Original release date: November 18, 2009. "
 2-Rojena Riyad Mohammed Jinajira "Original release date: June 9, 2011."
 3-Rimat abu Ayisha "Original release date: November 13, 2009."
 4-Haba Assad Halil Alantasha "Original release date: March 03, 2011."
 5-Samud Abdullah Halil "Original release date: December 15, 2009."
 6-Mimouna Javrin "Held without bail pending trial"
 7-Jihad Abu-Turki "Original release date: May 24, 2011"
 8-Barah Malki "Original release date: November 11, 2009"
 9- Lila Mohammed Tzalah al-Buhari "Original release date: October 31, 2010"
 10-Fatima Yunus al-Zak "Held without bail pending trial"
 11-Nifin Halil Abdallah Dak "Original release date: January 01, 2010"
 12-Kafah Bahash "Original release date: September 08, 2010"
 13-Linan Yusuf Abu Ghulma "Original release date: September 08, 2010"
 14-Shirin Mohammed Hasan "Original release date: March 04, 2010"
 15-Sana'a Tzalah Hagargah "Original release date: August 05, 2010"
 16-Sabeena Ziad Mohammed Manal "Original release date: November 19, 2010"
 17-Zahoor Abed Hamdan "Original release date: May 15, 2011"
 18-Hiam Ahmed Yusuf Ba'id " Original release date: May 07, 2010"
 19- Nahad Farhat Daghra " Held without bail pending trial"
 20-Najuah Abed Alghani " Held without bail pending trial"              
Now strangely only 19 prisoners have been released as it has been announced today in the news , not 20 !!
  • 4 ladies were going to be released later this year
  • 9 ladies were going to be released in 2010
  • 4 ladies were going to be released in 2011
  • 4 ladies were held without bail pending trial
  • Most of these ladies were convicted in attempted murder of Israeli soldiers, the rest were convicted in either for joining banned terrorist groups or assualt.
  • Some of these ladies are happy , others are that happy because they believe that they do not deserve to be released after this short time , they believe this deal should have included the female prisoners with longer sentences like for instance 25 years ...etc
  • Israel was sure to announce that it did not release any prisoner convicted for a murder , so I assume this played a role in the negotiations , we should not forget that they were released for 60 seconds video only.
Updates #2
  • It turned out that this video is not 60 seconds but 120 seconds , it is 2 minutes , 2 minutes for 20 prisoners,wow in this way the Palestinians could get more prisoners if they release a 3 hours trilogy !!??
  • Here are some photos for the freed prisoners

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  1. It is good that he's healthy, but that is also expected from the Pallies. Too bad the Jews don't treat them that way. :(

  2. Yes it is something expected, our religion tells us to treat our POWs as if we are treating ourselves
    Look even how clean his clothes are !!?? Or even his hair !!??

  3. all this calculations 20 pows for one minute or 19 women for two minutes are just rediculous. and i won´t give so much on his clean clothes as this game looks a lot like cheap propaganda of both sides.

  4. too bad the jews don't treat them this way? jews treat palestinian prisoners much better than shalit has been treated. they are all allowed VISITS (not just videotapes), allowed monetary allowances from the PA, allowed to study (Samir Quntar has an MA from the Israeli open university, just as a famous example).

    oh, you can't even begin to imagine the world outcry if it was even to be announced that palestinian prisoners would be given the same treatment as shalit.

  5. ArabJew you're a clear propagandist. It's common knowledge of the Israeli mistreatment and torture of Palestinians in jail, whom number in the dozens of thousands btw. And there is an outcry about it, hence the information is well known. Go try to fool some other people please


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