Egyptian Chronicles: Jerusalem ; The Capital of Arab Culture

Friday, October 2, 2009

Jerusalem ; The Capital of Arab Culture


On the same day From 822 years Saladin entered Jerusalem to liberate it from the crusaders

And today we are celebrating it as the Capital of Arab culture

Al Quds ; the Capital of Arab culture

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  1. Maybe you are having dreams of a good future, like I had, but dreams are shattered here in Egypt with its corruption and here are some more egyptian blogs
    my story and my blogs being conned .
    Click on the photos to enlarge Tombs and temples of Egypt my website
    and one on the corruption here.
    sweet dreams, Zienobia

  2. its name is Al-Quds not Jerusalem

  3. @ayman it´s a city with many names...
    the oldest egyptian sources name it rusalimum or urusalimum. in the book of genesis it´s called salem, the hebrew version is yerushalaim, in creek its morias, there is the version ariel (or ariil), the romians called it aelia, the islamic version is al-quds or qüds (in turkish), the modern christian version is jerusalem, the jewish version yerushalayim...and so on. so please if you claim the version al-quds, please don´t exclude others.

  4. In al quds/urshaliem we are all visitors just passing through...give up the hate zeinab!


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