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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Did Not I tell You !!??

As I have expected MBs in the parliament are rejecting and fighting Beyonce concert in Port Ghalib this weekend reopening a debate about raising similar issues in the parliament.
First of all knowing how Beyonce's concerts are even before the her Sasha demonic theme in the latest tour I expected that religious parties or rather groups from both religions in the country will reject and attack the concert.
Second of all it is something expected from the Muslim brotherhood.
Third again and again this is a Very A VIP class concert , the Egyptians whom the MBs and the conservatives Christians fear on their morale and represent in the parliament are not the target audience of the concert and they have never been in the minds of this concert organizers.
Fourth before blaming the ministries of tourism and Culture , why no one is blaming Port Ghalib and El-Kharafi for hosting Beyonce and destroying the morale of the Egyptians and their values !!?? Port Ghalib is a city owned by El-Kharafi just El Jouna and the Swairises !!??
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  1. somebody has commented on this blog that Beyonce didnt performed in Malaysia due to terrorist threats! For information Beyonce has cancelled her concert in Malaysia due to code of dressing which any female artists performing in Malaysia are required to cover up from shoulder to knees with no cleavage showing! Malaysia is a very developed country and not backwards! Malaysia is a Muslim country with its multi-racial races and never had any terrorist threats or attacks unlike Egypt with several attacks on foreign tourists and sexual harrasments too! Even the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson has performed in Malaysia, artist like Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani has also performed in Malaysia with the same guidelines! Recently we have male artist Akon and group Black Eyed Peas in Kuala Lumpur and they are back home safely without any terrorist attacks at all!

  2. The concert was a huge success, Beyonce was fabulous as usual and the crowd was exclusive and nice

    And MBs and others reject Beyonce because she turns them on like hell and they know that they can't "have" her! ;)

  3. Generally speaking,this is HYPOCRACY of Men,including MYSELF ! We like the way she looks, We like the way she dance,And We like the way she moves But DO WE LIKE TO SEE OUR WIFES ,MOTHERS ,sisters or dauthters dresses like BeyONCEEEEEEEEEE ? I don't think SOOO !Egypt is a CONSERVATIVE country & it goes 4 the three religions Islam,Coptic & Judaism....YES,Egyptian born Jews are conservatives and I met a few in Europe & the,Don't put the blame on the religious people ....Did you know that M.Jackson was rejected in Israel ?


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