Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Beautiful Marketing Disaster

If you hear tomorrow that angry Algerian hooligans have crashed every single Coca Cola bottle in their country , do not be surprised.

If you hear tomorrow that someone has set the Coca Cola factory there on fire do not be surprised.

If you find that the Algerians are calling for boycotting Coke do not be surprised.

Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to present to you the latest Coca Cola Ad “With no offense to our Algerian brothers and sisters”

Coca Cola 1989 TVC Egypt vs. Algeria 

This can be , in fact it will be a marketing disaster for Coke in Algeria by all measures , Coca Cola the official sponsor of Egyptian football fans as it calls itself in Egypt reminds people with what happened on the 17th of November 1989 !!

Honestly from artistic view I like the ad and the song of Shadia moved me a lot , I can’t remember that day but I remember the 1990 world cup. Anyhow back to the ad I think Coke is trying to make people forget its ugly advertising Campaign in the U-20 World Cup in Egypt and they will with that ad so easily especially that Pepsi’s Tamer Hosni latest advertising Campaign proved to be big fiasco by all means.

Despite how beautiful this ad is from the artistic point of view , I do not know if it is the suitable time to release it in this tension between the two countries.

The Algerian FM has visited Egypt to speak with his Egyptian counterpart and there is talk that the presidents of both countries will attend the match in order to ensure maximum security , I do not know about the Algerian President’s security but I know ours very well.

Officially the ministers in both countries are trying to avoid the coming disaster Next Friday the 14th and honestly all the people in Cairo are expecting to have a war between the hooligans of both countries regardless of who is going to win.


  1. A very very very good ad, idea and memories. Don't allow anyone to spoil that great post, you know many spammers are out there. ;) LOL

  2. I like the ad and I didnt see it as instigating anything but more like saying we did it before and there is still hope and hope is a welcomed notion at all times.
    Now, the Algerians are known to be more of football hooligans than we are and I am willing to bet that if their fans see the match going our way they will start something to make it cancelled and will blame our fans. Instead of spending ppls money traveling back and forth between Algeria and Egypt, their MP should tell his newspapers that the tone some are using is not proper and that some fans have crossed the line throwing all sorts of cuss words and allegations to our country and to us as well. They are free to say whatever but they are not free to come and break things and beat ppl in our country and this time I sure hope any one Egyptian or Algerian wont get away from punishment.

  3. @Ghafari , do not be afraid I will not let any of those trolls come and spoil it

    @anonymous , I agree with you but let's not forget than recently hooligans have rapidly increased , we all remember the match between Al Ahly and AL Ismaili ,the comments online are fearful , really fearful
    I agree more with the media role , the media is making it worse and I feel that sometimes it is old hate game Hossam Hassan hates Algeria and is opening his fire , Al Baloumi can't get out of his country because of what he had done in 1989 and thus he is doing his charm..etc


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