Wednesday, November 4, 2009

H1N1 Follow Up : No.5 to be accurate

First of all the minister of health has declared that the 9 years boy who had died last Saturday did not die because of H1N1 , the boy died because of medical implications resulted from the dosage of medicine he was given, he died because of the wrong prescription of medicine and currently those who treated him whether in private hospitals or private clinics are interrogated.It is a scandal and a disgrace which did not  take its correct position in the media coverage ; wrong prescription kills hundreds of people annually in this country because of neglect and stupidity.
Yesterday the ministry of health has announced the death of 23 years old lady from Giza governorate because of H1N1 , she has been in some medical center since last 28 of October 2009. Now the media has considered her our H1N1 fatal case No. 6 where as she is no.5 if we take in consideration that the 9 years old boy officially did not die because of H1N1 thus our death toll should be 5 !!
I hope that I am not the only one to notice in this H1N1 mania.
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