Sunday, November 1, 2009

This Was Fast

It is very interesting that right after the announcement of the Egyptian campaign against succession we find this big media quarrel between Ayman Nour and Ragab Hamida !!

Here is a clip from a confrontation that happened between them last Thursday night.

He accused Nour of forgery and treason and Nour accused him of the same thing in a very loud voice intended to divert the attention from the succession campaign.

This was really fast and if I may say , we should have seen this coming !!!

MP Ragab Hamida was all respect reminds with Mohammad Azzam of The Yacoubian building , it is well known that he is from the regime’s faces that claim to be from the opposition.



  1. Well the question is, even if we doubt its legitimacy, isn't any debate better than no debate whatsoever?

    I think Egyptians need to be more forthcoming in speaking their mind. For instance, I was just browsing this site called the Tomorrow Mural where users from around the world (including Egypt) get to voice their opinions on what they want the future to be.

    One user called "Hossart" posted saying that his dream was "A dream in mind that I really wish for Egypt my country." I mean why not articulate your dream rather than keep it to yourself?

  2. ايه المنظر ده بجد مستفز اوى صوته عالى بشكل يعصب

    ومش مديله فرصه يتكلم خالص !

  3. @ayman , fear of disappointment may be !!?? it is fear
    Thanks for the link

    @Honda, welcome to Egypt !! This is Ragab Hamida !!


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