Monday, December 28, 2009

The Greatest Regional Achievement of Mubarak’s Regime

I do not know if Mubarak’s regime intended to do this or not but with their stupid policies towards Gaza , the Palestinian cause has won sympathy and support unlike 2 any time in the past.

Here are videos from yesterday’s protest and also sleep over in front of the French Embassy in Muard Street , it is wonderful and amazing how the Egyptian security let the French and other European activists sleep peacefully with no harassment what so ever compared to what any Egyptian activist suffer from in a small sit in in front of a factory in Upper Egypt !!! ‘A group of Israeli activists have joined the sit in’

Here are couple of photos from the protests



The sit in is still on up till according to tweets coming from there “check journalist Ahmed Regab’s coverage

85 years old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein has started today a hunger strike protesting file_88f2f8205b_Hedy_Epstein against Egypt's refusal to allow a Gaza solidarity march to proceed.This is the first time Epstein does this and she is 85 years old for God sake !!

I've never done this before, I don't know how my body will react, but I'll do whatever it takes

Thank you so much Hedy but I am afraid that she has to eat something because this regime does not care for its own people to care about the Palestinian or 85 Holocaust survivor with a noble cause in her life. ‘please visit her official website’


It is sad that we ,the Egyptians after we all had done and given to the Palestinian cause watch what is happening like this.

FYI tomorrow Mubarak will meet stinky Bibi.

Updated : French activists in Ismailia street,Cairo need reporters to record what is going on there , you can call them on this number 018-5188562 “6:54PM”

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  1. I left a message on another comment before i read this. I can see that there is lost of concern for the Palestinians. Why do the leaders do the contrary of the citizens' wishes for peace and understanding ?


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