Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kolana Laila : Sexual Harassment In The Ol’ Good Days

This was an issue from Egyptian “ Monday and the world” Magazine. It was a popular magazine in the old good days. This issue is dated “4th of October 1954” and one of its main reports was the rise of sexual harassment in the Egyptian street then. I was surprised because in the old good days they did not have this sort of sexual harassments we have now and suffering from. It was mainly verbal sexual harassments they were suffering from and the whole society was suffering this phenomenon.

The report was a discussion with Egyptian ladies on how to combat this problem and its reason. When you read it “I recommend that you read in full screen mode” ,you will find most of what those ladies are speaking about is just like what we are speaking about but in old fashioned way ; they were speaking about the lack of laws and police that did not care then , they were speaking about whether ladies were to blame because of what they wore the.

By the way the last page included a wonderful report about Syrian women and elections , Syrian women voted in the 1954 elections

Monday Magazine 54 - 1954

People then , the public used to find a solution for these verbal sexual harassment , if they busted a boy or man stalking a lady or a girl ,he would either be beaten the crap out of him or he would be taken to the barber shop to have all his head shaved ; the perfect punishment ,being a young and bald seems to have a bad meaning then it seems. Of course we can’t apply this shaving method now because baldness is fashion but beating the crap of the real sexual harassments will be a sufficient solution if the state does not want to do anything about it for real. I do not know what happened to the Egyptians now , is being politically passive has made us socially passive too !!?? I know that many factors have differed ,especially the factors that are causing young men to act like this but I am asking about the rest of the people , the older generations who still remember how it was safe to walk in our streets ; what happened to them !!?? What happened to the Egyptians ??

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