Saturday, December 19, 2009

RIP Hassan El-Toha’amy

It is strange thing that this man most people do not know his role in Egypt’s political except very few despite he was a loud person or rather an eccentric person. Hassan El-Toha’amy’s role in Egypt started with the revolution or coup of 1952 till camp David. He was close to the United States and Miles Copland because he could not stomach 180px-حسن_التهامي the infidel communists in the USSR. He was the man that brought those millions of dollars to construct the Cairo tower. He was the man that met Moshe Dayan in Morocco secretly , the special envoy to negotiate with the Israelis when we had no negotiations secretly. The man was an X-File himself for sure.

May be his strange eccentric personality is behind this neglect , if you read his story well , if you hear it from him or from those who worked with him you will be puzzled and wondered how a strange man like him reached to this position , confident position in those critical times of our national history. Some people will even wonder how Nasser and Sadat would appoint a crazy man like him , well he was not crazy at all and what he had done in his life for his country shows this very well. He was eccentric who was playing the crazy man sometimes to protect himself from Nasser I believe.

Toha'amy and Sadat at Gettysberg El-Toha’amy at the very left

He was just strange man ,fiction is full of these characters , of course this is the real life and that’s why many people of those who read his life story wonder about his sanity.

Dr. Yasser Thabet wrote informative posts about him for those who do not know  the man and his life.

Mr. El-Toha’amy has passed last week in Silence , I read his obituary in Al Ahram and I believed that he left without knowing his true version of the story properly , journalists would go there and interview him in his ranch mocking him as far as I could tell from his few interviews I have read.

RIP Hassan El-Toha’amy and May Allah bless your soul for what you had done in this country.


  1. تهامي باشا مااااات
    يا خراب بيتك يا وديع
    الأستاذ مات يا ناس
    الأستاذ مات

  2. This is very rude , it is not funny , show some respect for the man for God sake !!


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