Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Regular Scene Does

It has become a regular scene to see the photos of Hosni Mubarak burned in capitals around the world. It is a regular scene many Egyptians do not see because our media even the independent one is scared to show because it knows it’s red line very well , it is ok to air the scenes of burning our flags but not the scenes of burning of our president’s photos !! These scenes in my opinion are much more important and dangerous than the scenes of burning the Egyptian flag in Algeria by some losers.

Hosni Mubarak Hitler Zionist

Mubarak defaced These photos were from a protest held in Beirut last Sunday in front of our embassy. The leftists there were protesting Mubarak’s policies towards the Palestinians in Gaza.

Mubarak is now being considered by a large percentage of the Arabs from the Gulf to the ocean as an American-Israeli agent and it is not about Iran and Qatar ; Mubarak is doing to Iran and Qatar a huge favor by making them the good guys of the region. I do not know why he is insisting on this policy which is not in his sake nor his son !!


  1. People really need to change how they use the Swastika sign! Am I the only who is annoyed that people use the Swastika and Hitler- who hated Jews- to say that Mubarak's policy is PRO-ISRAEL? ITS REALLY FRUSTRATING AND RETARDED TO USE A SYMBOL OF ANTI-SEMITISM TO TALK ABOUT A POLICY THAT IS "PRO-JEW"..I understand they are trying to say it is facist BUT THEY REALLY REALLY HAVE TO PICK ANOTHER SIGN! The irony, really...its tiring...

  2. p.s The swastika was not always considered a sign that connotates hate. IT even has origins in Ancient Egypt. I wish people would stop propagating only its most MODERN, and most DESTRUCTIVE meaning



  3. well said EgyDiva. Also, perhaps the people using it should look and theirs and their own leaders actions more rather than blaming everyone else. From where im standing, there is just as much corruption and backwardness in palestinian politicks and society. palestians, like many egyptians, will be treated inhumanley (killed, beaten, torutured, inprisoned) for ever mentioning these things though.
    Well done for kicking Mr Galloway out of egypt. he is vile and is doing people in the middle east a huge disservice.

  4. @EgyDiva:

    it has been a rallying cry of the 'nutty left' people like Adam Shapiro and his ISM (international Solidarity Movement.) To refer to the Israeli govt as 'ZioNazis' in effect equating Israel with Hitler...

    and one wonders why no one ever takes Galloway, ISM or any other nutty left wing operation seriously.

  5. the left meanwell in their hearts but they are ignorant to the civil problems within the society itself and are quick to blame others, rather than look at the actions of the very people they are 'supporting'(hamas,hezbollah etc etc).
    galloway makes mine and many others blood run cold. he is grandious to say the least and i wish he would keep his nose out of our business. Let egyptians and palestinians and other middle eastern peoples decide what they want.

  6. @Egy Diva , unfortunately it became associated in the Middle Eastern mindset with Israel and Zionist movement.
    Of course if we are going to analyze the signs used in this photos for real we will find them contradicting but their message around the world is clear : associating Mubarak to Hitler as a dictator working for the States and Israel.
    It is about the message

    @anonymous and anonymous#2 is not strange that all the time we are sad that we do not have any alleys to our causes in the west and when we have one we treat him like that !!

  7. Zeinobia, there are plenty of people in the west who support egyptians and other middle easterners. I dont undersatnd how Galloway and his followers, who are either radical british asian muslims and wishywashy leftists, are helping. These are the same people who turn up at pro-palestine and iraq marches with hezbollah flags, thats hardly helping us is it.


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