Sunday, February 28, 2010

Old Is Gold : Ya Mustafa Ya Mustafa

The original Ya Mustafa Ya Mustafa by Bob Azzam from a Swiss TV show.

Ya Mustafa ya Mustafa

Bob Azzam or Waddie George Azzam was a Palestinian Greek Orthodox "unlike what Wikipedia claims" who was born in Nazareth in 1925 and grew up in Egypt. With huge passion for Music Azzam found an international hit in Franco Arab "Ya Mustafa Ya Mustafa" that was composed by the legendary Egyptian singer and composer Mohamed Fawzi in 1950s. In 1960s Azzam headed to Europe to start an era from popularity and success with his catchy light music and cheerful voice but of course by 1970s his type of music began to fade away. He died in Monaco in 2004. He had never forgotten Egypt and how a little catchy song launched his career. I once saw his picture in Al Ahram visiting our embassy in France.

Ironically Bob Azzam was discovered by Mohamed Fawzi , the same man who discovered Dalida or Yolunda ;)


  1. I like his songs...and those by Kareem Shokry as well...remember " Take me back 2 Cairo " ???

  2. Pretty catchy! But what I really want to say is... THANKS! I hit the Dalida link, read a little, then checked out some YouTube vids. Now I can't stop listening to "Salma Ya Salama." Love it!!

  3. Freaky! I know this song from my childhood (& possibly a few belly-dance joints)? I think it was also popular in the Greek community back in the States. Perhaps another Greek group (Gus Vali) covered it, or translated it, but I know this song. Totally weird to hear this after all these years.

  4. whow, wow, i remmber this song from childhood, when i was in primary school..damn,

  5. This song was copied and very popular in Telugu, an Indian language.


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