Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Congratulations Amr Ellissy For Winning The UNESCO IPDC Prize For Rural Communications

Despite I do not like Amr Ellissy’s TV show on the national TV and his newspaper yet I can’t deny that I respect him a lot after following his Thursday TV show on Dream TV2 “ Someone from the people”. Amr Ellissy has won the UNSECO IPDC Prize for Rural communications for his TV show jointly with Mexican newspaper for 2009 and he is going to receive the award in Paris next March 24th insh Allah.

His TV show has become a witness on the real Mubarak’s regime achievements in the Amr Ellissy past 28 years by shading the light on the other Egypt the NDP regime does not want to recognize as if there were no Egyptians living there !! I will not be overestimating when I say that Amr Ellissy’s show has become an opposition TV show despite the fact that Ellissy himself can’t be considered an opponent journalist. I once read an interview with him in an Egyptian newspaper where he revealed that he wanted to present this show on the national TV and of course this show was rejected !!

Ironically last Monday I think Lamis El-Hadidy presented an episode from her news night talk show ‘ From the heart of Egypt’ from Port Said and guess what for the first time on National TV someone goes and records the misery of the people living in Zerzara shanty town !! Thousands of People live in inhuman conditions there more anyone can imagine and what is worst the government allocated new houses from them by millions yet the governorate distributed these houses on other people and do not ask me how !! The problem is that Zerzara just one shanty town among many shanty towns in Egypt !! Ellissy every Thursday shows such area exposing the regime whether accidently or not  and guess what some times his show forces the governors to do something so they would not look bad in front of the President !!

By the way some regime speakers are saying that Ellissy is defaming Egypt’s image, well my dear ones the regime is the one that has been defaming Egypt for neglecting the people all those years !!

Here is the Zerzara shanty town episode below :

Hats off Amr Ellissy , you deserve it for showing the other Egypt your officials do not want us to know.


  1. This is really heartbreaking...such beautiful well spoken people living in horrendous conditions...veru hard to watch..

    Is this the same country where people spent a fortune to watch Beyonce sing?? Nothing against the singer...but something is not right here... I hope someone can help these people...

  2. Lamis needs to be castrated. Needless to say anyone married to Amr Adeeb should lose their right to reproduce. The gene pool needs some chlorine as my mother always says.

  3. congratulation Mr.Amr Ellisey you deserve to be the best

  4. First of all congratulations to Mr Amr Ellissy. OMG i cant believe Egypt country rich in tourism, gas, Suez Canal, oil can let their people live in this unbelievable condition. For God sake they are human being! I cried so much watching it, cant help is so sad. Is this what the regime did in 30 years ruling Egypt? Cant believe when the President and all the NDPs can go overseas for treatment spent millions overseas, here in Egypt you have people dying and living in such poverty and condition! I hope every Egyptians support ElBaradei if they want a change for them and their kids and it should be done, this corrupted MUBARAK REGIME should leave for good, Enough is Enough!


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