Sunday, March 14, 2010

Egypt To blocks Skype!!!??

I do not know if this news is true or not , I have heard today's morning and I can't check its accuracy. Already Skype works fine with TE Data which by its turn is a subsidiary of Telecom Egypt. Still I will not be surprised to find out that Egypt will block Skype because Telecom Egypt and Mobile phone operators are mad that people are using Skype for free in international calls !! It is more of economic reason I would say than political one actually.
Updated : 
So technically I was half right , it was an economic reason that led the NRTA to take this decision to support the Mobile phone operators against Skype and sooner Google Voice , Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. The ban on Skype is made for international calls made through mobile modems of the three operators, if you notice the three operators now have these campaigns for international and local calls.
This is stupid but I can understand it , next step I suppose is the Video calls because now most people I know use Skype for video calls.


  1. Only Vodafone Egypt is blocking it.

  2. what the hell? how could they do that in a country that claims to be promoting free competition?!! International calls are not free on skype, what is free is computer to computer voice chats which you can use msn, google chat and ichat for. Loads of ppl like myself are using it for daily communications with their family back home. How are we students and middle class families are supposed to stay in touch. Also, international calls tariffs in Egypt and to Egypt are very high thanks to the greedy Egyptian businesses. SHAME

  3. الموقع محجوب فى لامارات لانه يضر بشركات الموبيل على حد قولهم



  5. consider if you are unable to make skypeout calls on your computer.


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