Monday, March 29, 2010

Et Toi Lebanon !!??

Lebanon and its people have been envied by all most all the Arabs from the democracy and freedom of expression it enjoys but it seems that the Lebanese regime has decided to imitate its Arab counterparts.

Leftist Lebanese journalist and blogger Khodor Salameh wrote a post criticizing in mockery President Soliman and his policies. The post is very regular one and comparing to other posts from Lebanon or even from Egyptian blogosphere speaking negatively about the regime it is so simple !!

But unfortunately the official reaction  was not simple at all , the government has addressed and ordered him either to change the tone or to close the blog altogether !!!

Is this new Lebanon !!?? Is the "Freedom, sovereignty and independence" new Lebanon !!?? It is a shock , a real shock !!??


  1. I still can't believe it Z!!
    I've always knew and heard it several times that the government does want to "control" the world -not so wide- web in Lebanon..But I still couldn't believe it when I heard this!!
    ربنا يستر!!

  2. That wont work in Lebanon.


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