Saturday, March 20, 2010

Follow Up : Mubarak’s Video Update

Well yesterday Mubarak had a very busy morning a man in his age and medical condition can’t bear easily all that effort after surgery and this can be seen in the video recorded from the official channels news. BY the way he revealed in the video that he would return insh Allah after one week.

This is a short segment , you can hear his fragile voice and his face is so tired when Zachariah Azami brought to him all these documents to signs. I love how he threw Al Ahram newspaper, priceless moment. Also I love how he described his surgery as one hell of a ride. “I tried to find a proper English translation for the terms he used in Arabic but I could not, there are much better and funnier in Arabic actually”

Of course I think I have seen a longer segment for him on 5PM news where his left hand with which he was holding the telephone was shaking for seconds , also while signing the documents he was taking his breath in a strange way. Already if we exclude Ahmed El-Tayyib’s appointment , all what he had signed there could have been signed by Nazif !!

The regime wants to say that he is fine and ok but all what we can see is a very old man who needs to rest. Again he has a chance , one big chance.


  1. ' BY the way he revealed in the video that he would return insh Allah after one week.'

    min albek or are you being sarcastic?

  2. All I can see is a fragile old lion that you offered him cornflakes he refused and ask for raw meat that come from Austria but original from Egypt!

  3. Im not sure that his decisions are even constitutional, not only because of age but also because of his sickness and clear weakness.
    One more thing that is pissing me off is that yes we Egyptians tend to follow our tradition of not badmouthing a sick person but Im angry at how this good mannerism is being portrayed by the "national" press as a showing of love. I do not love or hate the man I just want him to be wise enough and love this country enough to allow for real free elections and to not try and stop change. If he and those around him decided to be selfish and try to maintain their grip on the country this will sooner or later lead to civil rift and violence. I hope all this time he spent away made him get a better perspective into how dangerous his choices will be

  4. He is suffering slowly like he made the people of gaza suffer.


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