Monday, April 5, 2010

Dear Abby Strikes Again

I though after her last report about Sinai , dear Abby will be included in Egypt’s blacklist and she won’t step a foot in Sinai especially that the locals there are still very angry from what she wrote about them last time, well it seems that I was wrong because it seems the regime is not angry from Abby as the governor of North Sinai opened his heart to her !!!

I love how General Mourad Mwafi has compared our borders to the American- Mexican borders , seriously I do not know what similarity between our Egyptian- Palestinian or Egyptian Israeli borders except may be drug trafficking. We do not have any illegal immigrants flocking to our country , it is vice versa !! May the general meant we were like Mexico !!

I do not get how Mwafi agrees to meet Abby but honestly I will not be surprised if this interview was made during her first report because both the locals and also the regime were and are extremely angry from what she had written last time about Sinai as you can see in her last part of the report.

Back to general Mwafi  Western reader will not have a good idea about him, just another security general governor following a repressive regime and for the Arab reader will not also have a good idea about Mwafi who brags about his meetings with the Israeli counterparts every six months. But honestly since we do not have the full script of the interview , we do not know exactly what the governor had said to dear Abby. I do not think the man with his background is fool enough to say what he said in that way.

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