Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Meet Judge Mawla

He is not the first Arab American to be a judge only nor the first Muslim American to be a judge only but he is also the youngest Arab Muslim American judge to be appointed in a superior court.
Judge Hany Mawla
Ladies and gentlemen please meet 36 years Hany Mawla ,the judge at the Family Division of the Superior Court in New Jersey.
Mawla has become one of the distinguished personalities in the history of Arab Americans and Muslim Americans not to mention the Egyptian Americans.
Judge Mawla's parents had left Egypt when he was only 2 years old.He studied law at Rutgers University and Seton Hall university. He has practiced law since 1999 when he was admitted to the NJ bar.Before becoming a judge , he was a partner in Greenbaum Rowe Smith & Davis LLP. He is also a commissioner in NJ civil rights  commission.
Judge Mawla as I could see has been active in clarifying all the misunderstanding about Islam and the Arabs giving leactures about Sharia and so on.
I am so proud of Mawla , a new achievement for the decedents of the pharaohs in the new World :)
I wish that he will be a fair judge , a real fair judge because this is one hell of challenge


  1. for the decedents of the pharaohs

    No one has been able to make a valid claim that they are decended from any Egyptian pharaonic dynasty.

    There are even theories that first pharaos were blacks, which Egypt systematically denies. Pan Arabs and pharaos .. lol

  2. He may be the first Muslim but he is certainly not the first Arab-American to be a judge. Arab Christians count too!

  3. Not a big deal... a few other Arab-American judges:

    Charles A. Abdella, First Justice, East Brookfield District Court (Massachusetts)
    Caram Abood, Judge, 47th Judicial District, Pennsylvania
    Charles D. Abood, Judge, Ohio 6th District Court of Appeals
    Philip T. Abraham, Circuit Court Judge, Oregon
    Lawrence Ackels, Jr., Judge, Texas
    Fred Anthony, Judge of Probate, Shelton
    Louis E. Azar, Probate Judge, City of Central Falls
    George N. Asack, Probate Trial Court Judge, Massachusetts
    Miriam D. Balanoff, Circuit Court Judge, Illinois
    Robert Balanoff, City Court Judge, Cook County, Illinois
    James Barakatt, Judge, California
    Rosemary Barkett, Chief Justice, Florida Supreme Court
    David Baroody, Judge, South Carolina
    John Baroody, Judge, New York
    Richard Berry, Superior Court Judge, Iowa
    Richard G. Berry, Municipal Court Judge, Los Angeles County
    George L. Betro, Court Chief Judge, Utica City, New York
    Peter Michael Curry, Senior District Judge, Texas
    Peter C. Deddeh, Superior Court Judge, San Diego, California
    George Ellis, Senior Judge, Harris County, Texas
    John E. Ellis, Circuit Court Judge, Mississippi
    James Gabriel, Chief Judge of the Bankruptcy Court, Massachusetts
    Peter Haddad, County Court Judge, Brevard County, Florida
    William James Haddad, Judge of the Circuit Court, Cook County, Illinois
    Ernest S. Hayeck, Trial Court Judge, Massachusetts
    Morphis A. Jamiel, Probate Judge, Town of Warren
    Moses Kando, Judge, Workers Compensation Commission
    Paul Kfoury, Judge, New Hampshire
    Thomas Malik, Judge, Louisiana
    Anthony Mansour, Circuit Court Judge, Michigan
    Martin Mansur, District Court Judge, Minnesota
    Frederick M. Marshall, Supreme Court Judge, New York
    Alfred Monsour, District Judge, Louisiana
    Alfred Morad, Judge, Southeast Wayne County
    John L. Murad, Justice, New York State Supreme Court
    Robert A. Nader, Judge, 11th District, Court of Appeals, Ohio
    Joseph Nahra, Judge, Ohio 8th District Court of Appeals
    Charles Najjar, Judge, Birmingham, AL
    Woodrow Nasser, Judge, Terre Haute Superior Court
    Kenneth P. Nasif, Justice, Attleboro District Court / Bristol County Juvenile Court (Massachusetts)
    George Nazarian, Probate Judge, City of Pawtucket
    Deeb G. Sarkas, Judge, Administrative Adjudication Division, Probate Judge, City of Central Falls
    William Shaheen, Judge, Durham District Court (New Hampshire)
    M. John Shamo, Recorder's Court Judge
    Joseph J. Solomon, Municipal Court Judge, City of Warwick
    William G. Tajra, Probate Judge, City of Central Falls
    Raymond A. Thomas, Probate Judge, Town of Bristol, Rhode Island
    Richard Unis, Judge, Oregon Supreme Court
    Ernest George Williams, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge

  4. @John: there are also theories that aliens built the pyramids and there are theories that the origins of the ancient Egyptians might be in Arabia, some also advocate a theory that Cleo was black. Go and pay a visit to the British museum there are images showing the relationship bet ancient Egyptians and Black Africans and it certainly doesnt seem like they were meeting family or ancestors.
    Egyptians are those who lived before and now in Egypt doesnt matter what color, shape or size they were/are. Stop being racist

  5. Anon who commented to John...I don't agree with some bloggers on many things, but I can tell you as a Black who lived in Egypt with my husband that MANY Egyptians are indeed racists against Blacks.

    I didn't say all, and would never say that, but there are dynamics that are very disturbing when a people look down on another because of colour.

    If John is racist so be are a lot of Egyptians that I have met.

  6. If your a man, and in a divorce case, I'm told you haven't a chance at a fair trial. This is well documented. His religion is a factor in the way a male is treated.

    1. My son has been going through a hilasious divorce in Hunderton County, NJ for past 3 going on 4 yrs. Amen to the way he's been treated! My heart is broken for what he has had to endure. No justice. F.Y.I. I'm a CATHOLIC!

    2. I lost everything, wholly due to Judge Mawla.


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