Sunday, May 16, 2010

Instead Of Ranting , Why Do Not You Do Better For Your Lives !!??

Mohamed Ali Ibrahim is extremely angry from Dostor Newspaper as usual especially Khalid El-Sergany , the editor of the Press page in the Dostor Weekly. El-Sergany exposes all the dirty laundry of the official press and Ibrahim is mad because El-Sergany accused him of plagiarism in his columns ignoring original resources. Not a big surprise actually , Ibrahim attacked Dostor altogether last Thursday in his whole page opening his fire on El-Sergany and Eissa.

Ibrahim used to attack Eissa and Dostor now and then and so as mentioned above it is not a surprise to find him attacking the newspaper again but the surprise is to make fun and mock the fantastic effort  of the newspaper in its report about the POWs mass graves in Sinai.

Ibrahim says that Dostor was fooling its readers when it says that they can watch the full report on Video as he found a citizen having a fight with a newspapers seller when the later made it clear to the first that there was no video tape or video CD gift with the paper !!??

Because Ibrahim is not smart enough with my all due respect , he should have chosen another example to prove how bad Dostor is , already when I read this incident he claimed to witness , I wondered why we did not see anything on our Egyptian POWs case in his official paper since he became an editor in chief !!??

We move to Ibrahim's rival in the official press : Abdullah Kamal who was bold enough to say that he feels sorry for the exposure and decomposition of our POWs , insisting that their rights were restored in 1973 ignoring the fact that this is a separate issue , the rights of POWs are protected by international laws which are in our side. What makes it worse is that Kamal revealed his point of view and kept defending it despite he was not being asked for his opinion in Al Dostor's report after Wael Mmdouh's segment in news show "Headline" from two weeks ago !! Gaber El-Karmoty , the TV host originally hosted him so he would comment on Mohamed ElBaradei despite we all know what he thinks but the man insisted on speaking about the POWs leaving El-Karmoty in a shock.

You can see the video below

Now instead of ranting , why those idiots do something in their miserable life instead of attacking all those who disagree with them !!?? It is so disgusting to a way I can't imagine it.


  1. You dare to say something about international law, pfft you egyptians were actively hiding the biggest war criminals from country of my origins, among them architects of the International students day..

    No wonder that the fourth reich produced "fantastic articles" and fantastic mass murders like al Bashir, Atta and racists like Zeinobia.

  2. Egypt and Israel fought many wars. Each side has its share of horror stories concerning the other. However now that there is peace, isn't time for both to stop looking backwards?

  3. Those Egyptian soldiers were killed by cold handed murders, they have rights and those rights have to be restored and this is our role.

  4. apart from my opinion about the whole issue that , I really disrespect eldostor and disbelieve it.Unfortunately,it has recently become a journalistic more, no less.

  5. Expat said...
    " Egypt and Israel fought many wars. Each side has its share of horror stories concerning the other. However now that there is peace, isn't time for both to stop looking backwards? "

    I dare to say that I perfectly agree


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