Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Religious Societies : The Shiite

The Religious Communities Series is still on , there are still religious communities we need to know more about in the world. This time the religious community is from with in our religion : The Shiite , the second biggest religious community after the Sunni and the most diverse group from with in.

Here is the Al Jazeera Documentary Production : The Religious Societies " The Shiites"

The Religious Societies : The Shitte

Honestly it is not as expected , knowing the sensitivity of the issues they are dealing with I did not expect them to go more deep in the theological differences between Sunni and Shiite and how the Shiite sect formed its ideology through time ,I understand this but there is nothing new you and I will know from this documentary.

The only thing that I found it interesting was that part in the middle describing briefly and shyly how the Shia'ism came to the world and the Ashura anniversary besides but in the start we have this on going debate about Women and Hijab and the end we have Hezbollah; I am afraid there is more to present regarding this very important sect in the world than this. Still it will not be a waste of time to watch this documentary.

By the way I felt that this documentary will not be as expected when I heard Cleric Mohamed Hassan Fadallah saying :

The Shiite person is just a normal human like the Muslim person and the Christian person !!

Muslim person , so there is a Muslim person and a Shiite Person ; it is as if we got two religions here. "Actually extremists from both sides believe so !!"

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