Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up : LDS Church Denis , Prosecutor office Does not Know Anything And S.S Deported the Group

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Follow Up : LDS Church Denis , Prosecutor office Does not Know Anything And S.S Deported the Group

I received an email from the LDS Church PR department denying any relation with regarding that Mormon group in Upper Egypt , this is what the LDS Church said :

     The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today categorically denied a report in an Egyptian newspaper over the weekend that a group of American Mormons were arrested in Luxor for proselytizing or preaching Mormon doctrine. The report was carried outside Egypt by The Press Trust of India.
The Church has carefully checked with several sources to investigate the claim, including the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, and other in-country sources. There is no record of such an incident.
The Church emphasized today that students representing the Church’s Brigham Young University, and any other members representing the Church, are strictly prohibited from proselytizing in countries where it would contravene local law. Spokeswoman Kim Farah in Salt Lake City said that the Church respected all other faiths and the laws that apply in each individual country.“This reported incident simply did not happen,” she said.

So according to the LDS church this incident simply has not happened but unfortunately for the Egyptian Press it has happened. Al Shorouk newspaper has just published a report about  the incident with very interesting details despite they did not give names.

According to Al Shorouk group has been deported and that the American embassy finished all the papers for that group to leave the country  after being informed by the interior ministry of the incident. So unlike the LDS Church the American Embassy according to Al Shorouk which is reputable newspaper in Egypt says the incident took place. If you think that this is interesting then you must wait for the coming because it is even more interesting.

According to the newspaper's source in the American embassy no information will be revealed about the identity of those involved in the incident because of the American law confidentiality !!! I believe the incident happened outside the United States !!

Neither the general prosecution office in Luxor nor the State security prosecution office were reported about the incident in the first which means officially it did not take place BUT the State security according to the newspaper was involved in the matter and deported the group with the help of the American embassy as fast as it could.

So officially this incident did not take place but off the record there seems to be something has happened in Upper Egypt , people there do not know Mormonism in general so why it is brought up !!?? There is no smoke without fire. May be this was a Mormon missionary from a sect that does not follow the main LDS Church 

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  1. May be it was a group of mossad agents up to no good as usual!

    I am reading at the moment a book called:
    Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the mossad
    by Gordon Thomas.

    I recommend it.... (know your enemy)

  2. Yeah, there's no way they were actual Mormons. There are only 60-70 of us here in Egypt—all but 3 are in Cairo. None are in Upper Egypt at all. The church here has been getting phone calls all week about this—it't actually been kind of a running joke. It's such a ridiculous thing :)

    I'm sure something did happen and that arrests were made. I'm also sure that those arrested weren't really members of the LDS church.

    Fun times :)

  3. @anonymous , lol
    I know about Gideon Spies , I read about it before still I prefer the Egyptian intelligence sources because despite their wars with the Mossad yet they are more realistic and unbiased.

    @Andrew I am sure of that too but the fact that Mormonism is mentioned in the reports is strange because as you know very few Egyptians know about it
    can it be another Mormon church that is not associated with the main LDS Church


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