Egyptian Chronicles: ElBaradei Speaks To El Pais And Ibrahim Eissa

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ElBaradei Speaks To El Pais And Ibrahim Eissa

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei spoke to Spanish El Pais about Egypt and his quest to Democracy. Here is the English translation of the interview.

He also sat with Ibrahim Eissa and had a very long interview that was published on three parts , it is very long and interesting. I hope that Ibrahim Eissa has recorded it in video.  Here is the interview :  Part One , part two and part three. Eissa's interview of course needs a separate post so we can read it thoroughly.

It is expected that after his return from London Dr. ElBaradei will continue his local tours starting with Alexandria which is on fire , a real fire by all measures then he will head insh Allah to Upper Egypt.

I still bet on Dr. ElBaradei despite all the criticism he got lately , I respect the fact that he is trying to change a 7000 years old mindset in Egypt , I do not want leaders now but rather the people to get up and demand their rights just like the rest of the world. I know many people are looking for the charismatic man from the army , yes from the army let's be honest together we all know many people are waiting the army to move but guess what the country is going from bad to worse to worst and the army has not moved yet so what we are waiting for !!

Again we will not lose something if we support ElBaradei. As soon as we changed those bloody constitutional articles we can choose Mr. X to rule instead of Mubarak not even him , it is not about presidency but rather our future.

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