Egyptian Chronicles: What An Expensive Treasure !!??

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What An Expensive Treasure !!?? positions itself as Egypt's first online boutique with original Egyptian style and the ability to order online and pay either upon delivery or by credit card.

As you can see , it is a women online shopping site with beautiful designs inspired mostly by our forgotten folklore but unfortunately  with ugly prices. I like lots of things there but I think they are too expensive.

I think those designers who are proud to be the first original Egyptian fashion designers should not position themselves as A class designers because in the end that class mostly does not wear Egyptian made. I would like to remind those designers with Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. They will not be famous abroad by targeting the A Class only I am afraid. Of course I understand these designers mostly from women do not have enough resources to have mass production but it is just sad that many Egyptians do no know about Style treasure and even if they do ,they can't afford it !!!

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  1. interesting stuff but way over priced.

  2. Z

    Don’t worry about prices, pick what you want and send me the bill.

  3. sorry but i really beg to differ, first of all i'm not affiliated with the store in anyway however i think they have positioned themselves perfectly because the class you are referring to stopped wearing the well known brands as soon as they became available locally. These people now want to be wearing unknown designers who are still up and comers. If you look closely each one of them wants to be as unique as possible.

  4. What do you see there that interest you, even at half price? The $440 bikini?!

    Anything uniquely Egyptian? Anything worth throwing some hard earned money? Anything I can't find in (or outside) Egypt in stores that carry different imports at a portion of the price?!

    There is nothing Egyptian about what I saw on that site, except the word Egypt on a couple of occasions, and the name of one supposedly Egyptian woman who claims to have studied her art in London. And there is no single word in Arabic, or even Coptic or Hieroglyphic! Oh yes, there is that stupid table that has 4 shisha/hookah legs . May be it comes filled with poison for the lucky owner and her guests.

  5. @anonymous,indeed it is

    @anonymous#2 , thanks for the offer :)

    @anonymous#3 , this is a good point to target this class but do not forget this class changes its preferences too often.

    @Haili , well I like the bags , of course I notice what you are referring to and I agree with you. Already those designers are the A Class ,they do not use Arabic nor know our history properly or at all

  6. My advice to bargain hunters is 'shop at Oskar de la Wekalet-el-Balah

  7. Last Anon, shame on you, those who shop there are not of lower grade of humans and you shopping through that site doesnt make you better. The point is the following, only an idiot would pay so much money for unknown designers and they are clearly ripping ppl off. Also, this is not really Egyptian, its commendable effort but they need to work on creating an identity not just picking ideas from others or common and also if I will pay so much then I'd want the best quality. Go get treated idiot

  8. I agreed with the last Anon, not all those shop at the last place are poor or low income people. you will be surprised to know there are plenty of those rich people and in fact diplomats shopped in that area! so dont judge people from where and what the shopped coz u never know who the are in reality!

  9. I agree with you all.
    over priced not "egyptian" at all, so no uniquness only ezpensive.


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