Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Signs We Have Seen Before

Historian Emaad Abu Ghazi wrote a wonderful article today about the signs that preceded the Mamluk kingdom fall in Egypt and despite the time difference one can feel that Abu Ghazi is speaking about Egypt 2010 especially in the first two paragraphs
We have seen what we have nowadays in Egypt before in different eras and different times , we have got some of the pre-1952 coup signs , we have got some of the pre-Sadat assassination signs , we have got some of the pre-Mamluk Kingdom fall in Egypt.
History is repeating itself but only the wise that can learn and avoid repeat his mistakes.


  1. yup , it is the beginning of the ending for the Mubarak's regime

  2. Zeinobia, Mameluks have had a glorious past.At least, they defeated the Mongols and the Crusaders.

    I usually compare our regime to the Fatimids:
    - Fatimids distracted people by introducing elmawaled which was unknown before that in Egypt (today it is football)
    - They only cared about their internal authority, used to pay tribute to crusaders and were very weak in diplomacy (as we are now: Nile issue, nuclear issue...)

  3. It is an insult to the Mamlukes to compare them to any current regime.

    Actually it's an insult to any pre-modern rulers to compare them to any current regime in the region.

    No Mamluke ever cooperated with a foreign conqueror against other Muslims.


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