Monday, June 14, 2010

Speaking Of Respectable Countries

Samir Gaegae visited Egypt yesterday where he met President Mubarak and FM Abu El-Gait. I was very disturbed by the fact that a prince of war or rather a war criminal like Gaegae to be received by the president of Egypt and respected by the Egyptian media , of course it is not the first one. My solace is that he is not and will be the first war criminal Mubarak receives.
Now the official media has highlighted his statements in Cairo where he indirectly criticized Hezbollah

Respectable countries do not allow parties to transport arms thought their territories without their knowledge or approval !!

Well my dear respectable countries do not receive officially people like you either !!
Mubarak with a prince of war 
I do not know why we have talks with that man in the first place , Has not our ally Saad Al-Hariri reconciled with Hezbollah and Abu El-Gait wished that our relations with the party would not affected by the court rule against the so-called Hezbollah cell !!!?? Gaegae in fact is more dangerous on our national security Hezbollah.


  1. You really wanna know why, I would tell you a small scenario and you will understand why Mubarak freed his time for such being.

    Israel new plan war, is to attack Hezbollah from the south, while Geagea militia will corner Hezbollah fighters from the north...

    Why would you think Mubarak will receive someone who doesn't represent 10% of the Christians in here?!!!

  2. What Leo is saying makes sense.. However I think we are witnessing the prelude to a more complicated wargame here, which the traitor's Gaegae militias attacks on Hezb'Allah will be the diversive action from the main target.. IRAN.
    Don't forget that The Saudis have already given Israel a flight corridor over the kingdom's space to enable Israel's fighters and bombers an easier reach to Iran (Though must be refuled airborn) specialy after the latest comedy consumed with turkey over the peace flottiglia to give turkey its alibi for not paticipating in order to keep the uranium enrichment treaty in force.. So everybody (Israel and Turkey win) and the rest remain servaing the Banquet and await the tips.


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