Friday, July 16, 2010

Charity For Gamal Mubarak 's Presidency

Our family's tailor has told us that in popular working class areas there are charities following a group of businessmen that have been very active promoting for Gamal Mubarak as a president directly.
I do not know how correct his claim is but he told us that these charities give loans to those in need promising them that there will be complete debt relief as soon as Gamal Mubarak becomes a president , in other words they are blackmailing them : Support Gamal Mubarak to drop your debts in the future otherwise you will end in jail !!
Our tailor did not specify charities by names but he was speaking about Suzanne Mubarak charity and another charity in Giza governorate , it is well know that MP/NDP Policies committee member and businessman tycoon Mohamed Abu El-Anin got a very active charity in Giza.
I hope that our activists check from this important information using their ways.
The NDP businessmen lobby in Egypt is trying to create a fan base for unpopular Gamal Mubarak using the poverty of the people , the poverty they are increasing with their corruption and economic policies that have widen the gap between the poor and the rich in the country. They believe that they will buy the people's support and vote to Gamal in presidential elections like what they do in the parliamentary elections , the question is : Will they get the result they want !!??

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