Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Notes on A Media Coverage Of The Salahs Murder

It is normal thing that will be a media frenzy in town if there is a murder crime committed by a TV personality especially if he murders his wife, it is natural thing and happens everywhere whether in East or West.
Ehab Salah
Last Monday morning Egyptians were shocked  to find out that a face that they used to see on the Egyptian TV for years was arrested for committing a horrible crime : Murdering his wife.
Newsreader Ehab Salah murdered his wife Magda in their house at nearly 4 AM after a huge fight that was heard by their neighbors. Salah killed his wife with a single shot from a gun that he inherited from his late father , the police general. A crazy moment for sure that changed Ehab's life upside down , from a respectable newsreader to a convicted murderer that awaits the gallows. It was a tragedy especially when you know that Salah was the one who called the police and told them that he killed his wife , then waited from their arrival besides his wife's dead body in the living room .
Since the moment the media especially the online media knew about the news , there was a frenzy and a race between the news websites that made them do horrible mistakes like for instance :

  1. Mixing the name of Ehab Salah with another one , Youm 7 caused a huge problem when it published the news with name and picture of Nogoom FM Ehab Saleh instead of Ehab Salah !! You can imagine how they turned the life of Ehab Saleh in to hell. After two or one hours they had to alert and correct the news after an angry call from Saleh. The Website apologized later to Saleh.
  2. The police and the prosecution office were not done with the initial report nor with the investigation so to find Masrawy and Youm 7 compete over imaginary details about that last hour was pathetic
There were leaks about the details of the murder : a big verbal fight ,economic troubles, the wife slapped the husband then the husband got the gun and then one bang that ended both his wife's live and his as well. Each website imagined certain spicy details between those details in order to create the usual tabloid attraction that have reached to level of discussing their sexual life !!
The mistakes of these websites continue with the progress of the case for sure , it is enough to see the crime scene in less than 24 hours in Youm 7 and do not wonder how the journalists manage to enter the crime scene in less than 24 hours , this is a murder crime scene that should be restricted for the media as far as I know !!
For the record the official website of the news sector in the ERTVU where Salah works at has been following the case since yesterday in more professional way than any other website as far as I could see. The colleagues of Salah in the news sector are shocked , yesterday the newsreaders were so sad , seriously sad and shocked.
Moving from the websites mistakes , I was shocked and saddened by the amount of sexism in the comments on the murder in all websites. It is a strange thing to find most men praising the action of Ehab Salah which is killing his wife because she dared and slapped him after reminding that she was the one who was paying their expenses for the last three months!!
Suddenly Salah has become the symbol of manhood despite what he had done is against all laws, norms, traditions and religions , he has become the man who stood against the woman who worked and rebelled against him , despite the fact he was taking drugs during the time of the murder which was proved by prosecution office "he smoked marijuana before committing the crime" and despite the fact his wife suspected that he was having an affair with another woman which made her lose her mind and patience when he came back that bloody night late.
The comments in these websites show a huge amount of sexism against women in Egypt as they are the daughter of evil instead of Eve , the salves who should go back to their houses because they are rebelled on their masters after going to work !!! Strangely women have been always working with men in Egypt since the days of the Pharaohs in the fields on the banks of the Nile !!
The man has killed his wife because of a fight that can happen anywhere , he could have returned back the slap or just simply divorce her and buy his own dignity and freedom but he has killed her , a murder which he should be executed for according to the Sharia laws for God sake !!??
I just wonder where is the lost dignity of these men when they are being slapped on a daily basis by a regime that steals their freedom , their money and their land !!?? 
This murder opens indirectly another important discussion which comes in a perfect time : The salaries of the Egyptian radio and TV staff !!??
It is well known that the staff there technically take pennies as salaries , an outsider TV host who does not know how to speak properly  can take thousands of pounds ,where as the newsreaders in the Egyptian TV take I believe LE 300 or something ; how can Ehab Salah open a good house with that salary for God sake !!?? No wonder that his house is shocking mess , no one believes that this is a house of a newsreader and TV personality for God sake !!??


  1. incredible... I am right now writing a brief blog about it...!!! Always reading my thoughts dear as usual.

    a good article indeed.

  2. "Youm 7 caused a huge problem when it published the news with name and picture of Nogoom FM Ehab Saleh instead of Ehab Salah !!" I'm sorry, I LOLed. I'm a very bad person.

    "Each website imagined certain spicy details between those details in order to create the usual tabloid attraction that have reached to level of discussing their sexual life !!" I know, I'm going straight to hell, but... How about a link, please, Z?!

  3. I saddened by this tragic incident but at the same time I felt that he had make a big mistake by killing his wife. he should have return the slap back or divorce her and the problem would solve. In Islam we are taught to be patient in everything we do. not only he destroyed his life but he killed the only person that loved and helped him. I agreed with you 'Z' to blame the regime for this incident and it is true people that work as presenters, journalists are getting pennies for their work! the ones that making money are those working for the regime! May God be with him.

  4. @last anon: how did u knw he wasnt the one to slap her first? are you sure he was not a wife beater for example? Is using physical violence an accepted way of settling domestic disputes these days? Is this what Islam taught a married man to treat his wife like that and like a bank?!!!
    Will you have said the same comment about how this is a "mistake" if she was the one who killed him?!!
    @Z: what shocked me even more are the comments by most of the readers below the youm7 photos of their house and the murdered wife.
    Just because she seemed to be over weight, they all assumed she must have been awful to him and he must have married her for her money ect.!! Many of the men commenting were justifying the murder one way or the other and a couple of them suggested he should have just taken a second wife bec that is the way to emotionally kill a woman!! of course disregarding the clear difficult financial conditions the killer and his wife seem to have been living in and disregarding the fact that while a wife usually stands beside her husband and extend a helping hand that doesnt mean she should be the one spending on the house and the husband and that a man who marries a woman for that is a sleaze bag and none of them would be happy if his daughter was in such a situation. Im not saying that was the case in this story but Im commenting on the logic presented by many commenting on the story just based on a few photos. If any thing it shows how prejudiced some ppl are. In addition to that, none of them thought well we werent there may be he was beating her or slapped her first or something.

    Of course, it was a shock to learn that apparently most in the gov TV arent getting properly paid, but well isnt that true for most working Egyptians?!! Is getting a terrible salary a sufficient justification for taking another life?!! The answer will always be NO

  5. عجبني اوي تناولك للموضوع من الزاوية دي

  6. The Holy Quran, 4:34 clearly describes how a man should treat a rebellious wife, whereas wife killing is ha'ram and is not allowed.
    The Holy Quran says the Husband should first verbally admonish her, next ground her to the bedroom like a child, and finally when all else fails, to beat her.

  7. @Anon: Wrong the Quran does mean "beating" in the sense many men would like it to be, check the interpretation given to that word by respected Sheiks. Also, the Quran talks about "Qewama" and clearly states it is established by the man being the one covering the needs of his house and that includes the needs of his wife so, there is no mention of her having to be his bank. Also, the general rule in marital relations is "al mawada wal ra7ma" and this is the more significant and underlying principle. Sadly, most men remember the obligations of their wives but forget their own obligations.
    Last but not least, a woman has the right to leave her house and in this case shes considered a "nashez" and also has the right to divorce him through a "Qol3".
    In all cases, they were separated for some months and he was packing to leave. Also, he seems to be no angel since he is allegedly used to taking drugs.

  8. @last Anon: I dont know why you are attacking me or question my comment. I dont think I said anything wrong in my comment or indicating what he did to his wife was justified! I gave my comment based on what I read from 'Z' website. I even mentioned that in Islam we are taught to be patient. I am against anyone using physical violence in family conflicts or disputes and yes I would said the same thing if it was the opposite.

  9. Most of the comments in here are absolutely ridiculous... He is a murderer and point final!!!
    No excuses for what he did... stop pointing the finger at other and making excuses for his horrible act.

  10. @Anon 3:36 PM
    The Holy Quran 4:34 is clear and you are trying to distort the interpretation to suit your own insecurities.
    Regardless, murder is wrong under any circumstances and we should hold our comments until the investigation and courts publish all the facts.

  11. Very sad event, but when I saw the photos, I was pretty surprised. With my respect to the deceased, usually the couples are those where both are from an equal level of beauty. This is not the case here. I was also surprised by the state of his house, I expected to see some huge villa, and I saw a small cramped home, and read his wife has been paying for the last months!
    It is surprising to see TV presenters with such weak salaries but I guess their fame gets them lots of fans especially women...
    So that must have created a situation where the guy was a star outside his house, with lots of women interested in him, and when he came home he was again a weak man humiliated by his overweight (let's say things for what they are) wife who was paying the rent. I can understand that's a hard situation and it does raise questions about the society in egypt.
    It is a sad story and hope it will shed light on these problems. It is not right to shoot your wife, but I can understand he was angry after following these links, it is much less revolting then when I first read the story and am glad I can at least pretend to understand a bit.

  12. Women all over the world have been convinced that work is the best place for them. Here in North America we make 60% of men's salaries for the same work.

    Women really belong in their homes, nurturing their children and husband. God deemed it this way in the Quran, but when World War 2 began, women were sent to fill the places of the men and work in factories. Cheaper labour in the long run. They knew what they were doing. The advent of the birth control pill also ensured smaller families and the continuation of available cheaper labour (women).

    We may not be black but we are still treated like 2nd class citizens.

    No human being, whether they are overweight, annoying, domineering, argumentative (whatever their faults may be) should be killed in such a fashion. Inshallah Allah will punish him.

    I wonder what has happened to this world. World global culture objectifies women as sexual beings to be used, molested, raped, tortured and treated as sub-human. Female genital mutilation, marrying young girls to old men, child pornography and prostitution..the list goes on.

    The Prophet delivered a message. But it is slowly being eroded and forgotten. Female infants were buried alive. This ceased but what has followed is no better. God gave women full rights. Man is taking them away.

    Men need to fully learn and understand their faith. When they do, they will stop sexually harassing and molesting women in the streets of Egypt. They should remember that they have mothers, sisters, wives, nieces, cousins, daughters.

    Wake up MEN!


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