Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ugly Fake Proxy !!

Wael Abbas published yesterday a copy from Gamal Mubarak's proxy and it looks so ugly and cheap !!
The Gamal Mubarak support groups claimed that they managed to gather 69,000 signatures in just 10 days across the country and strangely they have not been harassed even for once by the police unlike the ElBaradei supporters are being chased everywhere.
Ironically today Youm 7 published that a group of children were playing with Gamal Mubarak's statements or proxies or whatever at Manshiat Nasser youth center , these statements were already signed by finger prints and thrown in the street so children
They were signed by finger prints without any name or any identification !!
On the other hand ElBaradei's signatures have crossed the 777,000 signatures. I do not know what will be the next step in ElBaradei's signatures except that may be when we reach to a million signature , we will be able to these signatures and go to the court considering the fact that the 76 and 77 articles were amended by 3 million votes only !!
By the way if you remember I posted a poll about Mohamed ElBaradei's NFC statement from several months ago , I believe I will close it now and post its results which came as follow :
NFC's statement poll result

I want to have a new poll but I do not know about what !!?? If you have got any suggestions , please be my guest.


  1. For your next poll I suggest:

    Are you ready to go to the street If Dr. Elbaradie asked you to do so?


  2. Dr. El Baradie needs to go back home and to show himself more. All this s$%^ we are now witnessing started once he left the country

    I pray in these holy days that there is a rift in the party and in the presidential house.


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