Egyptian Chronicles: Egyptian X-File : Who Is Behind General Soliman’s Campaign !!?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Egyptian X-File : Who Is Behind General Soliman’s Campaign !!?

At First specific photojournalists including AP Cairo based photojournalists in certain newspapers received tips about the locations of these posters , then restrict orders to the newspapers not to publish anything despite the news hit the wire and reached the globe nevertheless Al Masry Al Youm to retrieve 30,000 copies from its 1st edition !!

Why the photojournalists including an AP Cairo based photojournalist and not journalists themselves !!?? a question Abdel Manam Mahmoud from Dostor newspaper asks in his blog. By the way Mahmoud mentioned a very interesting detail that there is a statement issued  by this unknown group behind this sudden public campaign, I have not seen a copy from this statement by Mahmoud mentioned excerpts from it. One of the interesting excerpts is choosing Soliman as transitional reformist from inside the regime itself considering the challenges facing Egypt !! 

The statement attacks Gamal Mubarak and described him as supported by the security , which I believe is the Police security as Soliman is from the other security so the MOI against the national security !!?? WTF

Mubarak and son are in Washington so is General Soliman , ElBaradei has returned back so what is going on !!? An inside house fight and Soliman decided to play with junior !!? Junior does not have a chance in front of this Upper Egyptian man who is dragging him to the sugar cane fields to shot him down or what is exactly this !!?? Is the army decided to play some sort of game !!?? Here I am speaking about Tantawy’s army but I am speaking about the real army ; are we in front of some kind 21st century free officers group that uses Soliman as their Mohamed Naguib or even as a bet to play with Gamal Mubarak to win the public !!??

Mubarak by the way will look very bad if he comes back and lays off Soliman.

Unlike Gamal Mubarak banners installed by the hypocrites NDPians who want to win their party’s representation in the coming parliamentary elections no one can hang a poster for Omar Soliman without the knowledge of his people in the GIS !!?? When did these posters were hanged and why did the police leave those who hanged them !!??

For the record a Russian newspaper which I can’t remember its name claimed that from couple of years ago  Mubarak wanted to appoint the general as his vice president but met with opposition from Suzanne Mubarak and her son Gamal !!

I just hope from Gamal Mubarak and Omar Soliman to understand that Egyptians are too smart to be spectators.

I found this new page in Facebook dedicated to the so called the public campaign for Omar Soliman presidential candidacy !! Also his fan group there woke up today on the cheerful news that he entered the posters war.

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  1. السيناريو كالاتي

    الحزب يرشح سليمان ويطفئ نار التوريث ويكسب اي حد من الوفد بفارق كويس يسوقهم قدام أوباما

    جمال يمسك رئاسة الوزراة و يبقي كده عنده خبرة و يسكت الدرسة بالعة ما هندوس خبرة ماعندوش خبرة

    سليمان بعد اول مدة يرفض التجديد بسبب مشاكل قلبه الصحية

    الحزب يرشح جمال رئيس الوزارة قدام حد من الوفد برضوا

    وكل سنة وانتم طيبين

    Egyptian in USA

  2. Long excerpts from the group's statement are published in alHayat:

    i wonder how this statement has reached alhayat and the other outlets if the organizers are not known.

    i think that we won't hear again about this campaign. suleiman fears for his post. just like we won't hear again about the group of elbaradei's daughter and her pics.

    and on who is behind this campaign, i think that the military don't know anything about anything. they live in their shit.I think they are ordinary people who see a good choice in Suleiman.

    Simply as Amr Ezzat put it: كل واحد عنده برينتر ألوان هايعمل حملة ويرشح جوز خالته لرئاسة الجمهورية

  3. @Egyptian in USA , this is another possible scenario but do not you think that the throne of Egypt or its presidency is very tempting for anyone !!?? How can you be sure of Soliman's loyalty that he will not turn against Gamal Mubarak

    @Ghafari , the statement reached to Al Hayat !! This is so so so strange ,may be their correspondent Ahmed Mustafa works in an Egyptian newspaper and received it from there.
    We will not hear about this campaign for sure again but its impact will not be easy , look how the world is speaking about it now.
    At this point I can't speculate anything at all
    I like Amr Ezzat's quote so much , it summarizes everything

  4. Al Hayat got the statement from Masrawy website. It was the source of everything.


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