Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Follow Up : Ali Ahmad Asseri Untold Story

As expected there are more about Ali Ahmed Asseri , the Saudi diplomat seeking asylum in the States who made headlines around the globe with his sexuality.

The Saudi bloggers searched for more information about him as they are not convinced with his sexuality and his friendship to a Jewish woman alibis just like me and what they found can give another new perspective to the story.

They found in one of their forums on the 20th of July 2010 an open letter from Asseri to the King of Saudi Arabia where he complains from the Saudi Consulate , he sent several copies from that letter to human rights organization , LAPD and his lawyers in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately nobody paid attention to his cry for help.

In that letter we find out that Asseri has been working in the Saudi foreign ministry for the past 12 years and he was transferred to the Saudi consulate in LA due to his bad medical condition as it turned out that he suffers from some problems in his spine forcing him to undergo two major and huge surgeries and currently living on medication. “He attached copies from his medical reports in the original post forum”

The problem as I understand was that the consulate and his medical insurance company refuse to pay his medical bills.

In the end of his letter to the king despite assuring that he is not opposing the king or the kingdom , he only said that he deserves to be treated on the kingdom’s expense in the States unlike 4 royal princes who receive salaries from the consulate with doing any job or anything at in the States except enjoying their time.

Asseri in his letter did not deny his friendship with a Jewish woman who helped in his illness but he did not deny or confirm his sexuality despite he attacked the Saudi consul accusing him of spreading these accusations against him. 

Here is in Arabic Asseri’s story.

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