Egyptian Chronicles: Happy Birthday Dear Agatha

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Agatha

The world is celebrating Agatha Christie’s 120 birthday today including Egypt ,especially Egypt where she lived part of her life and was the place of several of her Novels like for instance : Death on the Nile and my favorite of all times Death comes as the end.
You can't imagine how happy I was when I spent couple of days in Cecil hotel in Alexandria and found out that she was among its distinguish guests. Already when I was in high school and I wished to be like her , a crime novelist and I even started a novel that I have not finished yet ;)
I love Poirot and Miss Marble , I saw almost all the movies and TV series based on her novels and I never get bored from her. 
Dostor today in its weekly issue published a special dossier for our dear Agatha 
Also today Google celebrated the acclaimed author who loved Egypt

Here is 25 facts you do not know about Agatha .
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  1. do you know where can i find agatha christie's books in egypt .. i want the original english full text ?? any idea

  2. You can find it in Diwan and Al shorouk book stores


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