Egyptian Chronicles: Ramadan’s Arabian Nights : Ma’aruf The Cobbler {20}

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ramadan’s Arabian Nights : Ma’aruf The Cobbler {20}

Here we are in the 20th night of our Arabian nights my dear readers and the second part of Ma’aruf the cobbler’s tale.
Do you know Ma’aruf the cobbler’s tale was presented in the Egyptian cinema as a film !!??
Yes there was a film produced in 1947 based on the plot of Ma’aruf the cobbler with the same name starring the beautiful Madiha Yousri ,Bishara Wakim and Ibrahim Hamouda and directed by Fouad El-Gaziarli. There was a film produced in the Syrian cinema in 1992 based on the Mar’auf tale by the same name too starring Ghassan Masoud and Ghada Shamaa.
Enough of talking , I will leave with Scheherazade telling us about the fate of Ma’aruf.

You can check the first two parts of the tale at the related post section in the post page. You can also read the full tale of Ma’aruf the cobbler here in English.
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  1. مشكور على الفلم الرائع ويعطيك الف عافية وننتظر منك المزيد داما


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