Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ahmadinejad in Lebanon : Day 1

And Ahmedinejad has started his long waited visit to Lebanon today after two weeks of preparations and anticipation not to mention the wonder about whether Ahmadinejad is going to throw stone on the Israeli soldiers or not !!

Ahmedinejad has started his 48 hours visit , he was received a King reception whether officially or publicly thanks to Amal movement and Hezbollah Shiite supporters.

Al Hariri JR visited Egypt yesterday and for sure the only thing that he discussed was that visit which is received some sort of Saudi-Egyptian approval. I do not know much about Saudi Arabia but I know that the Iranian Vice president surely discussed this visit  with Egypt. Also today Prince Saud El-Faisal is currently visiting Cairo to discuss the latest updates in the region to be specific in Lebanon and Iraq.

Currently he is having a luncheon at the Lebanese presidential a palace then he will head to the martyrs plaza  in Beirut.  All the Lebanese political figures are in that luncheon by the way even those who were against the visit itself.

Tomorrow Ahmadinejad will visit the South where he will address the people there from a stadium.

For sure this visit is a strong showing off for Iran in Lebanon.

Man I wonder if Mubarak can be received in the same way in Beirut by the Sunni people !!??

Links to be read about the visit :

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