Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What A Gentle Officer !!

If you think that video showing the security trying to stop an ambulance from transferring an injured student was shocking, then watch the video below because it shows you exactly what happened on that day the security which follows the ministry of interior at the faculty of Islamic studies in Zagazig attacked the students and believe me it is more shocking. 

I am using the word students because it does not matter if they are boys or girls nor they are socialists or MB , in fact I do not want to use students and I want to use the word “humans” instead.
Do not wonder about human rights , but rather wonder about the simplest manners this young man should have been taught since his childhood on how he should treat women or others in general !!
This officer for sure will abuse his wife and his daughters in the same way if he is not already because he showed no hesitance to beat girls like that.
This doughbag of the week is officer Amr Imam.


  1. Wow. The women were not intimidated by the thuggish cop. They just took up a defiant chant. I wish I understood Arabic.

  2. Sorry for the so belated reply , the chants are Islamic "Allah is the greatest"


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