Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And The Media Crackdown Goes On !!

In another blow to freedom of expression in Egypt , the general investment authority has temporarily closed 4 channels on Nile sat in Egypt today adding more fuel to the anticipation on what will be next.
These 4 channels are : Al Nas , Al-Khalikjiah , Al-Hafez , Al-Seha Wal Gamal which are all owned by Saudi Baraheen group. According to the statement issued by the general investment authority these channels have been warned several times and they did not follow the media’s code of honor despite the claims of these channels that they were not notified before. All these channels are major religious Salafi channels that are being accused of inciting sectarian hatred and spreading nonsense in medicine ..etc.
Of course there is no doubt that the regime has turned its back against the Salafis in a surprising move right before the elections , some say that this move was to calm down the church which is angry from the Salafi recent protests which attacks the Pope in person.
Egyptian channels ON TV and Fraeen have be warned also today , it was a busy day for sure.
ON TV is warned because of its news bar and do not ask me how this news bar broke any rule in the code of conduct or their license !! Of course there is a lot of attention paid to ON TV with its political TV shows and it is enough that Ibrahim Eissa was had to leave the channel after the security orders , of course yesterday we knew that Sawiris fired him because “Eissa used to hit everybody !!??” as he described in his interview with Lamis El-Hadidy.
I do not buy that news bar story , this warning is for the channel in general.
Now I do not know what the problem of Fraeen because actually other than the Khaled Said coverage this channel is below the average in Egypt for God sake.  
According to the law this is the first warning for the ON TV and Fraeen , next time if they do not follow the instruction , they will be closed.

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  1. Anything to shut up the Salafis is good... these guys are destroying the whole Islamic world.


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