Sunday, October 26, 2008

The first swingers club in Egypt !!

The vice police arrested in the weekend a man and his wife operating a secret swinger club for wife swapping , yes you read it right !!
The big disgraceful news made the headlines in all crime pages and sometimes front pages ,it is first time in the history of Egypt to have something like this.
The police arrested the married couple who operated that club and currently search for other 44 married couples who were members in that club.
The man is 48 years governmental official and his wife is 38 years old veiled Arabic school teacher !! Yes the wife is veiled Arabic school teacher , it was a shock to me because I understand or I know that a woman like her should have better knowledge of her religion and her culture , she is raising generations for God Sake !!

Anyhow the press is speaking of some foreign Hebrew Kurdish Iraqi relation
It turned out according tot he confessions of the man he took that idea from an online Kurdish Jew from Iraq !! With my all due respect the other 44 families or married couples were not seduced by the Kurdish Jew from Iraq , it is their mistake.
Well Swingers clubs and wife swapping are not new ideas in the world despite the social rejection to such ideas
Something is totally wrong , a veiled Arabic teacher goes in a relationship the least can be described adulterous with the knowledge and the approval of her pimp husband !!
I told you that the society in Egypt is radical and I was right.
What is Astonishing is that this idea would be found in the A Class in Egypt not the middle Class.


  1. I think this is not limited to the group found in Giza last week, many other groups of wife swapping are present in Egypt as well, but this is the first time to find an organized club for married swingers.


  2. @Minawy,it seems so ,there are several groups on the facebook , I think it has been there all the time ,anyhow thank God it is exposed

  3. Zenobia,

    Where did you read they said they were "seduced" by a Kurdish person, whatever his religion was?! The news I read, mainly on AlMasry AlYoum, mention that that person assisted them by placing some ads on some website.

    Writing that they were "seduced" by him is as lame as saying "The devil made me do it". Except that devilising the "Jew" is more lame.

    Besides, it is not the first incident in Egypt. I remember fifteen years ago or so there was a similar case. And rest assured it won't be the last. We're a large society were every instance of human behavior is to be expected, regardless of anyone's wishful thinking.

    But what does being an Arabic teacher have to do with someone's morality! Are you suggesting that French language teachers for example are inherently more justifiably promiscuous? What about Mathematics teachers?

    And finally, I'm sure I can find posts where you rebut the superficial judgement of people's morality based on superficial things like whether they are veiled or not, no? So why does this conviction fail you now when you argue that you're shocked because "Yes the wife is veiled"!!

    This is just as oxymoron as the commenters on Almasry AlYoum who write unsolicited things such as "Islam is not responsible for such actions and does not advocate it"!! Who mentioned Islam?! That was even before news leaked about their religious identity and the veil issue.

    Or people acting so comically shocked and looking above their heads expecting the heavens to fall on earth. Come on!!

  4. I a doctor who left egypt 20 years ago to come and live in the UK. As much as I loved the country I grew tired of the increasing religious fundmentalism on both sides. Watching the country from afar I see this has increased over that time. People seem to think that they have a right to dictate to others how to behave, dress , etc mainly on the basis of outdated religious beliefs. This is leading to more intolerence and curtailment of freedoms. No wonder such a personal matter as this is attarctin so much attention.
    God bless the Egypt of Naguib Mahouz.

  5. @ألف
    The Kurdish man was mentioned in several newspapers in the last couple of day , already I found it ridiculous and bad ,even the man was inspired "better than seduced" from his website "in other stories he saw a film" ,it is not the Kurdish man's mistake
    not about the Arabic veiled teacher, well pardon my naive retarded perception but the Arabic teachers who taught me knew very well religion from Hadith and Quran to Poetry , they know the limits of God as we say it in Arabic
    You can search in my post Alef to see how I based my judgment.
    @anonymous doctor in UK, Naguib Mahfouz himself I am sure would be very very sick from those couple just like in Cairo 1930

  6. Guys maybe it is time that we realize that there are alot of things happening in our societies which are condemned by Quran and Hadith.
    Let us be honest, as soon as u wake up and start going to the street u observe such stuff. primary school kids hurling abuses at each other, men harrassing women in bad words, even hijabi or niqabi, bribes to police officers and others, street children. so this is just another incident to continue the list. they got exposed but iam sure there are worse happening behind walls and kept secret


  7. Dear Zeinobia, Thank you for your comment about my post above.

    I think you totally missed my point about Naguib Mahfouz. Perhaps it was a subtle point but what I was trying to say is that, in Egypt we have lost a sense of balance about what is important to us as a nation and have become obssessed with trivial issues such as this case. Instead of talking about how to improve our health care system, eucational opportunities,how to protect our human rights from being taken away by police and similar bodies, how to protect the environment, reduce air pollution which is causing disease, provide clean drinking water, improve our roads and reduce fatal accidents and so on. In all of these things Egypt is doing quite badly and worse now than 20 years ago and all we can talk about is 2 people, out of 80 millions, who are alleged to have done whatever and whether the woman wore the Hejab or not. after all these people have done no harm to anyone else. Compare their actions with corrupt officials who steal your money or the sexual harrassment that women receive on egyptian steets every day.

    You sound well educated and well intentioned but I hope you would keeep a sense of balance as to what is important to the poor people of Egypt.

    Doctor in UK

  8. My dear Egyptian Doctor , I understand what you are saying but why you think that Egypt ,Egyptians and me also speak about other important stuff in our country , the newspapers which mentioned the incident also mention the other important stuff in full pages.It was mentioned because it is shocking in a time of chaos , what is happening in Egypt is chaos and this is another indicator for this.

  9. Zeinobia, my stress - and reservation - wasn't on "Kurdish" but rather on "seduced". I thought the following paragraph clarifies that!

  10. oh my is his bidy and her body and they are free to fuck whoeve they want .....FUCK THAT...i want my wife to sleep with others is my choice......

  11. Wow, I am planning a trip to Egypt next year and thought I'd see if there were any swingers groups to visit. I came accross this news and your blog. I am totally freaked out! I am a very free woman, intelligent, educated, spiritual, and I enjoy my swinger friends. It's a community, I find, of very self confident and loving people. However, for me, I don't think swinging is for everyone and it certainly isn't something most people can be "seduced" into. It's like being gay, either you are or you are not. I understand that I may not have your beliefs and you do not have mine. It's beautiful that human beings can have such diversity. And I thank you for your post, even if I don't agree with it. What saddens me is that we force such beliefs on others, even taking their freedom from them for mutually consented activities. I am so sad. I cannot imagine being jailed for what I do. Honestly, I love my friends. Being jailed for loving each other. . . so sad. Yet, our world rejoices and celebrates "victories" of terrible war. I can only think of that saying from the hippies in America of the 1970's- "make love, not war". I don't think I ever thought of those words as being as profound as they are right now. My heart aches for that couple in jail, and for all those who feel justified in judging their lives and removing their freedom. They are people. Real, living, breathing, loving, people. And their jailing is a sad moment in the history of humanity.

    With much love,

    1. Welcome into the islamic paradise , that some people fleeying in fortune boats risking their lifes To get To the european "infidel" societies, but still time To come before they wake up

  12. i believe the whole issue was hyped out of proportion.
    although egyptians are somehow conservative, when it comes to sex there are few societies as liberated.
    egyptians get by the controversy and the paradox resulting from their believes by simply living their lives and on the other hand their sexuality on two different inner platforms.
    i know of someone who claims to be religious and a conservative, nevertheless asking his wife to share with him his fantasies of partner swapping and a whole set of other sexual activities, an issue his wife obliged to.
    egyptians in general have no issues when it comes to sex and sexuality, it has and is part of their culture and collective thinking.
    gods have been around in old egyptian mythology defining the very fertility and sexuality of the society.
    those thoughts are still present in the collective mind somewhere. islam, christianity and juadism are relative newcomers and have not canceled pout those previous thoughts.
    the police action in my view is not intended to restrain such an activity in future, but to merely keep it within the limitations of absolute privacy.
    the egyptians use to say, hide your candle than it lights.
    furthermore, everyone should sleep on the side comforting him most.
    live and let live

  13. Great blog you have here.

  14. I'm a foreign student studying medicine here in Egypt. It's been nearly 3 years now. Didn't know things like this happen as I've heard the laws in this country for fornication and zina like above is death(correct me if I'm wrong). But well, it's impossible for all of people to follow the rules, I thought maybe it's happen in a small group or something. But an organized club?? That's pretty fuck up.

  15. death??no there's no death penalty or any punishment code actually for adultry in Egypt. There is however a prostitution code which is punishable by prison sentences for up to 3 years but I am sure all that will change once the Islamists rule and apply their twisted interpretation for penalties like beheading over adultry. On the brighter side, with Salafi rule, I predict Egypt's population to be reduced by half in less than 10 years.

  16. Well All said and done , please be informed that there are two swingers club in Alexandria and we have around 40 partners. The groups have started to have their own parties to my knowledge member ship can be obtained only on presentation of your original marriage certificate, and restricted to 50 yrs lunch/dinner @150 le per person and will be informed only 12 hours if u would like to join provided ur a member.

  17. The Arab world is as much corrupt as the West nowadays. Arabs are exchanging their culture for Western culture. It is not only Egypt. In the majority of Arab countries, these sorts of things are unfortunately occurring.


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