Sunday, October 26, 2008

Is there a new drug in town or something ??

"This is somehow old post I did not post from two weeks ago still I think it is discussing an important issue"
 I don't have any kind of explanation to the growing and alarming sexual harassment in Egypt. I can't find an explanation why 200 young men ran widely to harass sorry to nearly rape 5 or 3 girls in the street .It is a sort of a group thinking but those 200 don't know each other , may be each 5 or 6 of them form a group but to attack in this mass way without any kind of thinking ,it is a strange if you think about thoroughly.Already in the latest incident of Gamat Doula street,all those young men were all from the same area still it does not explain why they acted in this mass savagaly way.
Is it a sort of group thinking may be ?? Are they stoned to the level that if someone scream and say "A trophy or a woman" they will run behind it like wild animals?? Do they take a new drug that make them feel horny with my apology to use that word ??
Still what kind of a drug 200 person take it in the same moment ?
It is not a dress code because according to the studies the veiled women are harassed more , the women in Gamat Al Doula were veil and evne a Nakab, in fact now the preganent women are harassed now
I have read that a group of young men not more than 20 years harassed a pregnant woman in Port Said , yes Port Said ,it is no longer a Cairo thing , the poor lady was sent to a hospital and lost her baby and her husband,he tried to defend her entering a fight with those losers but he could not stand against them.
They are wild animals for sure still when animals don't attack other animals except in defense or in the need of food.
But these are humans.
For sure the absences of security , the role of Police in the society plays an important role here but the society role is much more important and it is more absent than the Police , the public refusal and rejection to this unaccepted behavior without no justification .In the past if some boy was caught in the street harassing a girl verbally ,he would be sent to the Police station and have his hair cut as a bald regardless of the what the girl was wearing or acting in the street ,so that would be his mark , it was not a regular thing like today to have bald boys in the society and thus he would be marked as harasser and people would disrespect him in the street,can you imagine it !!??
We got a huge problem that now became world famous : The sexual harassment , women tourists now are warned before coming in Egypt and I doubt that any woman tourist would think to spend her holiday in Cairo after the shocking testimonies of the women tourists.
The crime rate in Egypt has increased rapidly ,open the newspaer's crime page ,any newspaper "not tabliod" and you will know what I mean , the Sexual harassment is a crime so it is not strange with the absence of law and security , with the increase of the drug use , the increase of poverty and employement along with the changes of the socail morals .The society seems from outside going ultraconstrative but from inside it is not constrative at all , it is going radical all the way.
How to combat the sexual harassment ??
Law and Order
Law and Order will keep all those wild animals in their cages behind the bars.

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