Friday, October 22, 2010

A Journalist Gets 15 years in Jail in Publishing case Just like Hisham Talaat Mustafa in A Murder Case !!

Did not president Mubarak promise that no journalist will go to jail because of what he writes !!?? Well I believe he did so and his regime media loves to remind us so I wonder why then a young journalist like Allam Abdel Ghafar gets 15 years in jail !!??
23 years Allam Abdel Ghafar is a young journalist who is currently working in Youm 7 and as far as I could tell from a quick search in the website he was an active journalist too. Now Allam is facing 15 years in jail because of a report he had written about a corruption case at VACSERA which I guess was in last May . Last May we found MP Hayder Baghdady and Youm 7 saying that VACSERA imported expired polio vaccine according to documents that turned to be fake. Already Allam or rather Youm 7 received a copy from these fake documents from some former employee that want to defame the company. Again Abdel Ghafar was not the only one who spoke about the matter in the media , Baghdady brought the matter up in the parliament and on TV , of course he later apologized publicly to the ministry of health and the minister when the documents turned to be fake and he was accused of forgery by the ministry of health. Now Allam Abdel Ghafar is being slaughtered where Baghdady is gearing for the next elections !!
Again I am not sure which case we are speaking here , VACSERA always has got something in the media.
I do not care if Abdel Ghafar is a member in the syndicate of journalists or not , I care that I could be in his place , in the same position facing the same thing just because I am doing my job. It is insane that a journalist gets 15 years in jail just like Hisham Talaat in a murder case !!
By th way it is disgusting how Youm 7 did not publish a single small news about this unjust sentence
P.S I do not like this comparison between the support the Dostor journalists and Ibrahim Eissa receive and Allam Abdel Ghafar in his facebook support group, already Youm 7 did not care to post a small news about him, I do not mean anything but Mohamed Ismail who wrote this attack on Eissa should think about his colleagues in Dostor because they are just like Allam.
Because I support Ibrahim Eissa and Dostor Journalists, I support Allam so stop these stupid comparisons. 

Update : 
Youm 7 at last has addressed the matter through a statement from Labib Mawad , the famous lawyer on behalf of Youm 7 and Abdel Ghafar. 
First of all Allam was sentenced in absentia , he was not informed with the lawsuit nor did Youm 7 , the thing which makes it very dangerous. Officially Allam Abdel Ghafar is accused of forgery despite officially he did not forge these documents , he received these documents just like Baghdady.
Mawad is waiting for the merits in order to appeal , already he should work on changing the case from forgery to publishing case. 

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