Friday, October 22, 2010

Mubarak To Run for Office in 2011

Ali El-Din Halal told Reuters affirmatively that Mohamed Hosni Mubarak is going to be the presidential candidate of the NDP in the coming 2011 presidential elections. It is not a big surprise or a breaking news , it was expected especially with the recent absence of Gamal Mubarak and how his support campaigns turned to be the joke of the town.
It was expected and more logic because Gamal Mubarak has not yet won neither the approval of the army nor the approval of the public to go ahead and claim his inheritance. It is the army that matter to Mubarak JR and it seems that the army does not welcome yet the idea of having a civilian as a president or may be of having Gamal Mubarak as a civilian president , after this army is made of Egyptians who have got brains , eyes and ears to see to where we have reached after 29 years of Mubarak rule.
Of course the NDPians are speaking with all confidence that Mubarak is going to win the elections !! Of course he will , who else will win it as long as we have these decayed laws and constitutional articles !!?
The best reaction I have read following this news was the reaction of Magdy El-Kurday "Gamal Mubarak, the son of Egypt's poor should run for the elections away from the NDP , the next elections can witness a democratic match between the president and his son !!"


  1. It's not the first time that someone from the NDP appear in the media and say that Mubarak will run again for President in 2011. However it is all speculation or people expressing their personal opinions. There is a process to be followed. The NDP convention in 2011 will decide who the party's candidate will be, and it will not be decided before that time.

  2. It seems that the Egyptian presidency is a 'Déjà vu & Fait accompli'
    The Canadian.


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