Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Free Patriots Strike Again !!??

Do You remember the Free patriots and their statement no.1 ?? Well guess what they have issued statement no.2 as they promised.
Here is the statement no.2 of the Free patriots which are calling Egyptians to civil disobedience in order to topple Mubarak’s regime. Some Egyptian journalists received a copy from that statement whose title is “The Road to civil disobedience”like Ahmed Rageb who was kind to share it with us.
Now unlike the first statement ,  this statement does not have this Nasserite characteristic  but we find an Islamic characteristic in the first paragraph and my key is the first sentence in the statement The patriotic work has become a duty , they used the Islamic term  “ Fard Al Ain” to describe that duty ; this can’t be coincidence. It is not the Muslim brotherhood before you go too far , they are not underground nor they call for civil disobedience.
The direct reference to Magdy Hussein and Al Amal party can’t be ignored in the second paragraph : “The frozen Al Amal party ” and “its general secretary Magdy Hussein” and how the party called for civil disobedience before anyone else in Egypt "I did not know that", so I wonder if the free patriots are related to the party somehow. Ahmed Rageb believes that those who are behind the statement are the youth of Al Amal party. If they are the youth of Al Amal party , then they have to update their methods , sending anonymous statements like that is interpreted as a joke
The last paragraph was speaking about the arm forces and I noticed that they mentioned military leaders even Ibrahim Pasha , in fact they mentioned Mohamed Naguib and Gamal Abdel Nasser and totally ignored President Sadat. If they were Nasserites , they would not mention Naguib and Ibrahim Pasha , if they were MBs they would not mentioned Nasser. It seems that the Free patriots do not like Sadat for some reason may be because of the Camp David which is opposed by many political powers in Egypt. In fact this paragraph is interesting because they totally neglected the 6th of October war as an achievement of the army and stopped at Gamal Abdel Nasser and the free officers, may be because they consider the free officers as rebels , well who knows !!?
Who are the free patriots for real ?? Why do not they show themselves in order to spread their ideas and gain more popularity ?? You are no longer working in secrecy when you send statements online plus you how you can gain popularity if you send these statements online to newspapers that do not publish them !!
Who ever is behind this needs to understand that things are not done by send anonymous statements , people will not obey two or three or five statements for God sake !!
I have found the "Free Patriots" Statement no.1 , you can read below in Arabic if you are interested

Free Patriots Statement No.1
If you read this statement till the end , you will be surprised that it was sent to the media in September where it was issued in July 2010. This is statement no.1 , the founding statement where the underground  movement introduces itself to the public stating why it chose to go underground temporarily and also its program or rather what they hope to achieve. The statement according to what was mentioned in the signature was issued in July 2010 as I hinted and I think it was intended to be in July in reference to the free officers movement.
The statement indeed has got this Nasserite Nationalist characteristic.
The first page of the 2 pages statement was a description on how Egypt suffers on all levels under the Mubarak regime rule.
The last paragraph of the statement still blew up what was mentioned above from very big words because the underground movement revealed its internal organization of the movement !! If you think that this is strange then wait because what is coming is even better : The main cell , the brain cell is made of three people !!
Is not it supposed to be secret underground movement !!??
You will not believe where I have found it , I have found it at the famous tabloid website El-Bashayer !!

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