Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Channels To Be Suspended , To Be Warned On The Nile Sat

Yesterday the Nile Sat co. has shut down temporarily another 12 channels on the satellite till they fix their policies and abide to the regulations of the contract between them and the company. The company has also warned other 20 channels with the same thing. This decision comes after one week over the temporarily suspension of another 4 religious channels.
The 12 channels have been accused of spreading sectarian tensions , myths and debauchery.  Of course the religious channels have been accused of spreading sectarian tensions and myths not to mention promoting unapproved fake media treatments while the chitchat channels have been accused of debauchery. Here is a full table with the channels , their owner company and their charges based upon the official statement of the Nile Sat co. that people did not stop and read fully as they should.

Channel Name Owner company Reason of suspension
Safaa The Arab company  for production and media services Attacking religions and promoting charlatanism
Ayat JASCO Attacking religions and promoting charlatanism
Al Athar JASCO Attacking religions and promoting charlatanism
 Ahlulbayt TV  ASC Attacking religions &promoting charlatanism
 Marah Al Khalij  MTU  Promoting charlatanism &unapproved medical treatments
 Rayhana TV  ART "!!??"  Promoting charlatanism &unapproved medical treatments
 Al Ruqaya  ART "!!!" Promoting charlatanism &unapproved medical treatments
 Aalam Hawa  Beit for Media production Promoting charlatanism &unapproved medical treatments
 Email TV  Adel Khalil for commerce Co.  Promoting debauchery
 Marah TV  MTU  Promoting debauchery
 Strike TV  Al-Oula for media Promoting debauchery
 Live TV Al-Oula for media  Promoting debauchery

These were the channels that were temporarily suspended , as you can see most of them are non Egyptian except may be three "those that are owned by Adel Khalil for commerce and Al Oula for media channels". Most of these channels had to be suspended especially those stupid chitchat channels that made people call them costing the phone calls and before them those channels dealing with charlatanism and fake medical treatments. Doctors for years have called the suspension of these channels promoting fake alternative medicine using the frustration and also religion to appeal for the viewers to sell false hope. I did not think that the ART network we know all has got channels in this list , may be it is a spelling mistake

The channels that were warned are : Al Ghir channel which I can't find anything about , Sada Al Islam "Religious", Bedaya TV "Religious and alternative medicine" , Fajr Sat "Religious-Saudi", Al Magd "Religious and according to what I know it only present Holy Quran recitation-Saudi",Selaah "Religious" ,Soufia "Religious", Alanwar TV "Religious-Shiite sector- Iraqi",Al Qithara "Entrainment-Iraqi" , Mawahab wa Afkar " Religious for Children-Saudi",Jordan Medical TV "Medical-Jordanian", Samad TV " Lebanese and I could not find about its category", Mersal TV "Text chat-Saudi",Sahm TV "Chitchat TV-unknown nationality", Elmarah TV "chitchat- UAE", Al Hakika channel " alternative medicine , already its owner was convicted and imprisoned in Saudi from couple of years ago , he is from Oman and many people believe that herbs cure people , here is a link from Yahoo Maktoob news forums showing a debate about him to show how dangerous he is , people believe that his herbs can cure cancer !!" , Ghinwa TV "Entrainment or rather debauchery and other illegal stuff if what I read about it is correct , here its official page in Facebook-Iraqi and the human rights organizations should check those girls that appear in it ",Al Zahabiya Channel "Copycat from Ghinwa TV" , Hawas TV "Entertainment-UAE" ,Hi TV "Entertainment- I do not know its nationality"

These channels have received a warning , if they do not abide to the Nile sat regulations , they will be suspended first temporarily then forever , most of those channels are being warned for promoting alternative medicine as far as you could see. Personally some of them channels must be suspended immediately.
These were the 12 channels temporarily suspended and 20 channels being warned still the big clash , the big bomb of yesterday that statement did not include was the decision of EMPC to pull the plug on the famous Salafi powerhouse channel Al Hekmah TV on Jordanian Noor Sat because the channel did not $ 100,000 to the Jordanian company. Now its owner famous Sheikh Hassan is starting his own crusade claiming that the regime is fighting religion and he will go to the end of the world because to send his message.

Of course appearing on Al Jazeera as the latest victim of the media crackdown is end of the honeymoon between Hassan and the regime , I do know how he will stand against this regime.

Just like his fatwa about ancient artifacts affair , Sheikh Hassan with all my respect is contradicting himself in a very bad way that does not fit how he positions himself or what to be positioned , his channel is calling the people to donate to their bank accounts across the Arab world in its official website at the same time he claims that they do not financial problems , they paid their bills while his channel wants the viewers to pay the $100,000 bill they did not pay !!!  Here is a screen cap from the website itself.
Banks accounts info 
This is a new escalation between the Egyptian and the Salafis in Egypt because this is Mohamed Hassan’s channel ,now you have got many real angry people , just read their comments and you will know what I mean. The Salafi and conservatives are now officially accusing the regime of being biased to the Christians and the Shiites fighting all signs of religion in this country despite the fact there is a Shiite channel that has been warning. Many people are wondering why the regime is picking on religious channels and leave channels like Melody. The timing is bad , so so so bad.
Some are speaking about the bad economic effect on the Nile Sat which will not be very attractive to investors anymore , surely it is but what is  is the mechanism of renting a channel on the Nile Sat , already I am astonished of knowing that we have some of these channels on the Nile sat for the first place , on what criteria the Nile sat gives a channel license in the first place !!? I think the money does it all as usual.
 Why now ?? Why now the Nile Sat co. suddenly woke up and decided to suspend and warn !!?
Some people are pointing to the Arab ministers of information’s charter of broadcast , you know the one that caused a stir from couple of months ago , but we have to wonder about other countries in the Arab region.

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