Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Parliamentary Elections To Be Held Next 28th of November

President Hosni Mubarak has issued presidential decree no.295 for year 2010 :

  The parliamentary elections will be held on the next November 28 ,2010.

  The re-elections will be held on the next 5th of December ,2010.

    The parliament will hold its first session on the 13th of December ,2010 

By the way  thanks to the wonderful Zeinab Samir we found out that there is a database search in the official website of the Egyptian Parliament where you can get the records of every member of parliament.

Also we found out that only the registered civil society organizations are allowed to monitor the elections ,of course these organizations are granted that permission from the state itself !!

Anyhow there is a a website called “U Shahid” that calls citizens themselves to monitor the elections themselves where they can send their experiences to the website through Email or twitter or SMS or through website form.

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