Thursday, November 25, 2010

Facebook Is Closing Its Door In Front of Egyptian Activism

The Khaled Said Arabic Facebook page is no longer available online in the Facebook and we do not know if it is deleted or what as it administrator has not received any notification yet. There were more than 300k  fans for this image making it from the top Egyptian pages in the Facebook pages for God sake.
Also the MB’s page for elections field monitoring is reportedly has been closed too but they have launched a new one. 
The Facebook has already deleted the accounts of Egyptian activists like Gameela Ismail and Gamal Eid.
It is worth to mention that Egyptian activists are calling for a day of anger tomorrow at 7 PM on the Facebook and it was from the Facebook that the Khaled Said found its way to the world. The activists have already launched a new Khaled Said FB page from awhile  ago.
The group has launched an email newsgroup to keep the supporters of Khaled Said updated in case the group can't return back to the popular social group.
The new session of Khaled Said’s trial will be held next Saturday by way in Alexandria.

  • Mohamed ElBaradei official FB page has been removed !! Here is its url :
  • Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has commented on what happened in twitter : 
Efforts to silence our voices will only strengthen our resolve to regain our freedom . Anger is on the rise.
  1. Coordinate with the 6th April youth and ElBaradei campaign. 
  2. Gather a group of 5 or 6 of your friends and go to a crowded street or area wearing black. 
  3. Start to make noise at 7 PM 'whistle or scream' , you can even do this from balconies. 
  4. Take cameras to document the event , film in video from 15 to 20 mins maximum 
  5. Try to avoid any contact or clash with the security when you see police officers coming , move in to another area. 
  6. If you find yourself in front of any legal trouble "police arrest" , please contact these numbers for immediate legal help : 0120624003- 0105805657
Updates#2 : 

  • The Pages of Khaled Said and ElBaradei have returned back , thank God our dear Egyptians in the States were behind the Facebook's administration till it has unblocked the two pages , I do not know about the rest of the blocked pages. 
  • The admins of the Khaled Said page are not actually administrating it currently , we do not know who is currently responsible for it. 
  • Here is the poster of the Angry Friday which I like so much , I think Guebra is behind it !!??

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  1. @Z: wont be the first attempt or the last. If they were shut down bec of excessive reporting then its a matter of time that FB brings them back. if not, and Facebook is into this, then this needs to reach int media and facebook must be exposed for its negative role.
    Could you plz ask and let us knw the urls for these pages so that we cld contact and report to facebook bec they r requiring the url and I cant find them.

  2. @anonymous ,
    I know only two :

  3. Time Egyptian activists move to diaspora

  4. @Zeinobia, Dr ElBaradei's facebook page is back on.

  5. Very good poster! Freedom for Egyptians!

  6. They know the following fact: Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand people who are silent.

  7. @Z: Will you write something about the Anger day? Im away and also havent seen it reported in major Egy news websites!!


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