Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Only In Egypt , Only In NDP

Only in Egypt you will find a party that got 3 candidates competing on one single parliamentary seat !! Yes in this parliamentary elections in one committee we find 3 candidates from the same party competing on a single parliamentary seat !! These candidates are from none other than the NDP.

I do not know how to describe this but the closest thing to my mind is political stupidity. I do not think there is a country in the world in the history that has seen 3 candidates from one part fighting over a singly parliamentary seat in one committee except Egypt in the 2010 parliamentary elections.

Ibrahim Eissa has spoken today about this political ignorance describing it as part of the political absurdity of the regime and its ruling party !! 

Speaking about the media and the NDP , the ruling party has complained Dream TV II’s 10 PM to the media monitoring elections committee. The NDP claims that last Sunday’s night episode discussed the internal issues of the party negatively especially the party candidacy mechanism when it comes to the parliamentary elections with the absence of NDP representative !!

The party complained Mona El-Shazly and accused her of being biased and unprofessional. This is the first official blow to El-Shazly. Here is the segment that made the NDP goes coco.

With my all due respect when it comes to the parliamentary candidacy ,the NDP proves to be the worst in Egypt after all which party did the MPs with drugs cases , with corruption cases and with forgery cases belong to !!?


  1. When I heard about this ...
    I remembered the Marketing concept that was spoken of in "Ga3alatny Mogreman" movie.
    "eat yourself before your enemy eats you!!!"

  2. I do not know how low can the NDP go?

    حتي ترشيح أعضائه في الأنتخابات فشل فيه
    و عايزينا إحنا اللي نعمل الشغل ليه
    ده لا حزب ولا هباب
    لا فكر ولا رؤية
    ديه عصابة بتتخانق علي التورتة
    يا رب كل واحد بيقرأ البلوج ده يروح الانتخابات و يسقطهم كلهم


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