Egyptian Chronicles: Dr. ElBaradei : The sectarian Tension Is a symptom of bigger problem

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dr. ElBaradei : The sectarian Tension Is a symptom of bigger problem

The ElBaradei support campaign has posted a short interview with Dr. ElBaradei where he spoke about the Alexandria bombing and the sectarian tensions in Egypt which he considered a symptom of a bigger problem. You can watch the interview in Arabic after the break.

ElBaradei short interview

I do not know who is the interviewer except that her first name is Hala.

Dr. ElBaradei has been active in twitter lately , just yesterday he tweeted for the first time about Tunisia. Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei is the first Arabic politician to speak publicly about the Tunisian uprising and the repression there. Of course he wants to send a message to certain Egyptians in the regime.

earlier this week he wondered how only 5 persons from 85 million  are only eligible to run for presidential elections and described the elections as deception.

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  1. Sectarian violence is a symptom of a bigger problem? I'm not aware of any "bigger" social problems than the slaughter of minorities. Are you, Zeinobia?

  2. "slaughter", u must be American. Slaughtering civilians happens in places like Palestine, Iraq, Afghanstan. You dnt see groups attacking and killing christians in Egypt or even in Iraq, were the invading troops of the hypocritical West failed to protect not only minorities but the majority as well and made Iraq a safe heaven for groups that were originally a creation of the US to come and pay back their master.
    There is a general problem with the rule of law in Egypt. Justice and free enjoyment of basic freedoms are something that has been taken away from all of us not only Christians. The main problem is the regime. But of course, the hypocritical Western governments wont ever say that and even when ppl take to the streets they will play their dirty tricks to make sure whichever dictators they installed and serving their interests remain in power. The weak reaction of the US and the filthy reaction of France offering to help in silencing the Tunisians for the sake of their awful Bin Ali and the late and shy coverage of the events in Tunisia by the Western media, all show that in their minds we do not deserve to have the same freedoms they have and shows that these governments and media instalments that talk to us day and night about democracy this and democracy that are nothing but hypocrites. NO MORE, most of MENA are young citizens and they are very angry and when things change the West needs to understand that the exploitation of our region will end.

  3. There is a difference between lack of freedom and being slaughtered for the religion you believe in. Copts are not complaining because there is no freedom, but because they have been targeted by mass killings, burning and destroying of their businesses and properties, loss of a sense of security, not because they have lost freedom

  4. @Programmer craig , lack of democracy , dictatorship , injustice.

    @anonymous#2 you are portraying systemic repression which does not exist in Egypt thank Goodness
    Democracy will ensure that won't happen , tell me a democratic country that minorities suffer in it .


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