Egyptian Chronicles: First Torture Video in 2011 : This Time From Libya

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Torture Video in 2011 : This Time From Libya

There are shocking videos from Marsa Matrouh for allegedly Egyptian citizens being torture and humiliated by Libyan forces , the videos are circulating at the borders governorate and the city council members escalated the matter to the authorities.

The videos are quite shocking , the victims are being stripped from their clothes  and humiliated at some checking point by some colonel called Gomaa Shosh at some checking point. The colonel as I understood from the clips order the man who was filming with his mobile to film the men naked , completely naked to humiliate their manhood.

The city council identified one of the citizens  as a member of one of the famous tribes in the governorate and he is currently living in Libya. The people in Matrouh as extremely angry and they have already informed the State security and promised to escalate the matter.

Up till now we do not know the names of those citizens as it is a critical matter due to the tribal nature of the Matrouh region

I can’t publish the videos in their raw form due to the explicit scenes not to mention I understand the sensitivity of the issue. We are eastern societies after all. El-Badil e-newspaper has published an edited version for one of the clips thankfully. “Warning : Graphic content”

An Egyptian being tortured in Libya

I am not surprised from Libyan forces’ actions because in the end it is an Arab regime and this is how it treats own people in Libya , otherwise how do you think an idiot like Qaddafi has been ruling for more 3 decades now !!

Based on the history of the Egyptian-Libyan relations I fear this incident will be solved simply with a visit from Gaddaf El-Dam to the tribes in Matrouh. One must think what would happen if the victims were not from the locals of Matrouh !!? “In fact we only know one of them is a local of Matrouh”

Thanks to Mr. Ayman El-Shweky from Matrouh City council and also thanks to El-Badil for their prompt action.

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  1. Imagine an american being treated like this at the Mexican border.
    I swear if it was an american dog, the government would still take more action than our fellow egyptians.

  2. The Southern Sudanese must be feeling quite smug.

    Remember those massacred in Egypt.

    Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba, MD. Secretary General – United South Sudan Party [USSP].,37432

  3. @anonymous , you said it better than anyone

    @ Zol , My dear Zol , I think you feel happy yourself with our sad news since the Church news , I am not surprised but rather sad with your disgusting hate.
    If you really have one little respect or feeling for those were killed and attack in Mustafa Mahmoud Square
    I hope that you remember your own Sudanese people who were killed in your civil wars by your own country people in the same way
    What happened in Mustafa Mahmoud was ugly crime that I can't deny
    You are more biased than me
    I will not going to enter in endless racist debate with you because I have a country I am trying with my simple humble efforts to save from similar fate like your country

  4. The article speaks for itself.

    Any innocent life that is taken violently is a shame and tragedy.

    I am not smug, but I am sure some people in Juba would be.

    And this is the nature of things - injustice breeds indifference.

    No, Zeinobia we are not like 'you' - you have accused the Sudanese who comment in a way that does not conform with your monolithic, supremacist view of Egypt - particularly with regards to everything that concerns Sudan - you have accused them of 'hating' Egypt and Egyptians - instead of trying to figure out what they were trying to say and why...

    'You' are the one who is selective - who considers Gazans and Syrians and Egyptians as legitimate victims of torture, but not the Sudanese who are campaigning for the liberation of Halayeb...

    You are the one with a double-standard that is ethically reprehensible.

    تعييب الآخر بالحروب التي دفع ثمنها خيرة أبناء الوطن جبن

    Your statements about Sudan's civil war and its victims is shameless.

    Tit for tat spats will get you no where.

    A hint for 'saving' your country is learning to accept the views and perspectives of others and learning to 'maturely' engage the other.

  5. @Zol: yes you are smug by coming here and writing it. You arent from Jobba but chose to come and speak on their behalf. Id like to think that a victim of a certain crime wouldnt be happy seeing others facing the same crime. A proper person woldnt like to see wt has been done to him done to others. Your link of thinking, reminds me of the Zionist line of thinking, others pushed us out and tortured us so lets do the same and be happy seeing the same evil actions inflicted on others. What a shame.

    @Z: no use reminding Zol of the crimes his own ppl inflicted against each other and their primary responsibility for pushing other Sudanese to become refugees in Egypt and even later on not making them feel safe enough to return back home.

  6. Qaddafi has been ruling for more 4 decades

  7. It's an israeli job, to hurt the everlasting friendship between libya and egypt! you forgot to mention that the colonel had a small statue of a shark at his desk, following the success of the sinai shark attack, a clear hint which everybody in the media seems not to mind!

  8. It's 'Juba' not Jobba - and Juba is only one city in South Sudan - you don't know if I'm partly from the South or have family from the South...

    Yes a lot of blood has been shed in Sudan, since the invasion of Muhammad Ali and the glorious Mahdist revolution and the valiant resistance against the reconquest - at names that mean nothing to you: Omdurman and Um Dibeikrat and Karari.

    The 'colonialist' Brits know more about this than you do - watch one of their great cinematographic productions:

    I'm not smug I'm saying some people would be and you would be wise to 'read' the article and ponder on it.

    It's interesting how you selectively bring up Israel and Zionism, although never in the context of how your country 'agreed' to international arbitration with Israel over disputed territory and how it refuses the same course of action with Sudan over Halayeb which is illegally occupied.

    You are such a simpleton.

    Do you actually know anyone from Darfur?
    From the pastoralists?
    From the nomads?
    Do you know someone from South Sudan or East Sudan?
    = )

    Do you know anything about the complexities of civil conflict and the effect conflict has on different communities, *from different perspectives*?

    Obviously not - you're ready to name-call and point fingers and 'ignore' warning signs and root causes of fratricidal conflict.

    Some Copts are saying they have grievances and are suffering from discrimination...

    The same types of problems lead to grievances the world over.

    Baradei met with a delegation of Egyptian Nubians - why haven't you said anything about that or about their issues...?

    Keep burying your heads in the barren sands of the glories of the past - but don't get surprised by what the future brings.

  9. @Zol: more of your usual blah blah, more of the usual exploitation of events. Ill write it how I like it, you of all ppl shldnt talk about writing clearly. Yes, sure, u change ur claim about where u r from depending on the topic and which group of ppl u talk on behalf of spreading hate and I dnt give a rats ass where u r from, ull remain a smug and a hateful person with an inferiority complex.
    U dnt care for any of us Copts or not and btw Copts is the name of all Egyptians. God, how dare u Z not write about the Nubian meeting with Dr. EElbaradie while ur country has just witnessed an attack and was dealing with its effect?!

    So, Z, u r against banning them but seriously, this person is exploiting every single incident and every single sad event others have suffered to publish this filth. Is this the time to allow filth to exploit our sad events also?

  10. The video has been taken down.

  11. I have been doing some reading on the Sudan situation and have come to the conclusion that the North Sudanese are putzes. The US should help the South effect the partition in such a manner that 100% of the oil fields are in the South, and no crude goes to refineries in the North. Long live Juba! A plague upon Khartoum! Just my opinion.

  12. well, no one asked for your opinion.. yeah, Zol has a bad timing in selecting topics to comment on but I don't really blame him as much as the shitbag in Heliopolis

    calling Sudanese putzes really sez so much about you..and you say you're not a megaphone Hasbara

  13. Anonymous why do you even bother to respond?

    You've got no substance and just make allegations.

    She should censor us if she doesn't like our opinions and your claims of our inferiority complex shows how very little you know about the Sudanese character are is both humorous and gratifying in how they confirm 'so much'.

    And Jason what do you know about the petroleum industry - upstream and downstream anywhere - let alone Sudan - and what do you know about the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the Wealth Sharing Agreement?


  14. I can see my opinions are held in low esteem by some of you, but here's another: Egypt should keep Halayeb. The North Sudanese have given up any moral claim upon it by being such contemptible twats. Long live the Arab Republic of Egypt! Long live Egyptian Halayeb! Inshallah.

  15. And the consumptive uses of the Nile by its Riparian States will continue - and the course of history will continue to unfold - and 'food security' will be replaced with 'food scarcity' that mirrors the 'water scarcity' - Jason - you're really a nobody in the big picture of things.
    Long live the struggle of the marginalised peoples of Sudan in illegally occupied Halayeb, Southern Kordofan and the *Blue Nile State* - long live New Sudan!

  16. "Jason - you're really a nobody in the big picture of things."

    I applaud that Zol, no matter the differences between Sudanese and Egyptians on this blog. Honestly this Hasbara tool jason is just comical.

  17. @Zol

    "Jason - you're really a nobody in the big picture of things."

    how... DARE... you

  18. Lol - at least you have a sense of humour!

  19. Putz is a Yiddish term ( :


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