Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The National Mourning Riddle

Many Egyptians including reporters and TV hosts are wondering why the government has not announced the national mourning and the only answer we have got is that the unofficial national mourning is more important !!

In two weeks the sad anniversary of the Salam 98 ferry will return as sad reminder on how 1000 Egyptians drowned in the red sea and the president ignored their families’ agony and did not announce the national mourning for one day , in fact he went to celebrate our victory in the CAF Cup and his first lady showed Egypt’s first PDA when wives were mourning the loss of their husbands and mothers were mourning the loss of their children !!  This is one of the most darkest moments in our history and yet officially it was nothing

Do you remember the Doweqia catastrophe !!? Up till now people are buried under huge rocks and the government did not announce a single hour as national mourning for this terrible disaster !!??

Do you remember the accident of upper Egypt’s train of Upper Egypt and its passengers  !!?

The tourists who were attacked by sharks were compensated more than the Egyptian victims of Church attack , just like it has always been the rule.

This is not an official discrimination against Christians , it is actually official discrimination against Egyptians , we know very well that we are so cheap for that regime.

We are strangers in our own country whether Muslims or Christians , you can’t change that feeling with the current mindset that rules us.

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  1. رحم الله الشيخ الشعراوي، معظم البلاوي ظهرت بعد رحيله 1998، لماذا؟ لأن العالم الذي كانت تجتمع عليه كلمة الأمة قد مات فرأينا بعدها بسنة واحدة طيارة البطوطي، ثم 11 سبتمبر، وتلتها البلاوي تباعاً وما زالت، ناهيك عن ظهور عشرات "الدعاة" الذين تعرف منهم وتنكر.
    إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون


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